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the ninth woodlanders desktop...

Boy, I just finally got August's embroidery pattern done, and now September is here and needs a desktop calendar! The idea of summer already being over doesn't really appeal to me, but, oh how I love autumn! I do look forward to cooler weather and baking and scarves and crunchy leaves!

Just be sure that when you start crunching along the sidewalk that you don't step on Tenacious Oak Leaf! That would make him quite sad. Better to keep him on your computer for safe keeping, and keeping track of September. Download in the right sidebar!

paper n stitch...

I started following the Paper n Stitch blog a few months back because they always share the most lovely things. It took me a while to find the "exhibition" area, which is a little shopping area that links to people's shops.

Then last week, Brittni posted that they were accepting shops for the next exhibition. So what did I do? I submitted and was accepted! I think it will be a nice way for more folks to find my Etsy shop, especially as we go into the fall, pre-Christmas season. (After all, I have some fun new things planned that will be arriving in the shop along the way!) So...

And be sure to take in all of the wonderful things that you can see there!

the eighth woodlanders embroidery pattern...

I wasn't sure that this was going to come to be, but it's here! And it's still August! If you look back at how Lady-Like Fern started out looking, and now how she looks here as an embroidery pattern, you'll definitely see a difference. Also when you compare the two, I'm sure you'll see why. The original design was not meant for stitching...at all.

But now you can stitch her up and still stay sane! The simple (but still frilly and lady-like) version can be downloaded as a PDF right here.

so talented...

This is just a quick reminder of how talented my sponsors are. I know you loved Tara's coffee cuff, and then of course, there's Katie and her amazing zine. Today be sure to take a look at...

Sassafras Lass - Mix & Mend

...Michelle's paper collection from Sassafras. This is some seriously lovely paper. Even to a non-scrapbooker like myself.

dressing rooms.

...Kara's always delightful photography. She has just moved to New York for the start of college, and I look forward to all that she creates in the coming months and years.

I don't want to gush too much, but it's difficult not too with all of these fine folks. And guess what? September will bring some new faces and more gushing! (Want to get a bit of attention for your blog and all of the wonderful things you're doing? Send an email to molliejohanson{at}gmail{dot}come, and in the subject line write "sponsorship")

they say it's her birthday...

So Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister! Our family has had a full day of celebrating Anna, and there's more to come. We had a nice lunch, went bowling (I failed miserably!), and will be having treats and presents soon. But here's my favorite thing from the day:

photo booth friday

Yay for finding a photo booth!

I love you, my dear Anna! You're the best sister, and my best friend.

around the house stripes...

It's Thursday! And I have pictures of stripes! I thought it would be fun to take my camera around the house, and just find the stripes that I'm surrounded by. There were lots, so you can find more of them on Flickr...

striped sheets

(of course I sleep on striped sheets!)

striped walls

(my sister's walls)

striped ship

(gotta love some pirate stripes...)

YIP2010 - 238

(my favorite find...striped paper, circa 1983!)

Oh, and these stripes are made possible by a healthy computer. I have Mike from SaveMyButt.com to thank...he knows his stuff AND he's a really nice guy.

i've caught a virus...

Actually, my family's computer has. Honestly, I'm so sick of combating viruses. It makes me cranky. And it also throws off a great many things, like right now, uploading photos. Mind you, this is also because the card reader on my Mac has been acting up.

Also, the computer has apparently given me a virus too. Not really...I've just been sneezing like crazy all day. Grrr.

But all of this is okay, because all of you lovely people are so lovely. Thank you so much for your comments about the Thread Heaven! Now I know that I need to compare longer strands, separated strands, and fancy floss. You guys are the best!

(Back tomorrow with some stripes, hopefully freshly photographed and uploaded stripes!)

thread heaven...

YIP2010 - 236

Ever since I saw Jenny Hart show how to use Thread Heaven, I've wanted to try it. Today, I did. I think I like it. I say "I think" because, I'm not entirely sure yet if I see the difference.

Have you used this "amazing" product? Do you like it? Can you tell me exactly what I should be looking for?

Even if I never figure out or see all of the benefits, can I share something with you? I rather like using Thread Heaven, if only because it makes me feel all official. Like a real embroiderer. Silly? Probably...


Caffeinating . . .

How wonderful is this coffee cozy? And how perfect for a Monday? Truthfully, I feel this way most of the time. And the caffeine doesn't always have the effect I hope for. Also truthfully, I love coffee cuffs so much, but rarely use them because I don't drink coffee to go very often. Silly, I know.

Anyway, this particularly clever coffee cozy is from my wonderful sponsor, Sew Tara! She's been making more fun things, which you can find on her blog, and in her shop. Be sure to stop by!

Is your blog interested in sponsoring Wild Olive? The rates are reasonable, and I'll do my best to help more people get to know your story, and all the fun things that are a part of it! Email molliejohanson{at}gmail{dot}com for more info!

i got them...

Sufjan Wallpaper

Yesterday was a good day, as I downloaded the new Sufjan EP.

Today will be a good day, as I got tickets to his concert in October.

I'm not like this about anyone, but there's just something about him and his music...

the loveliest day...

You know those friends that you don't see very often, but when you do, it's like no time has passed? That's what I experienced yesterday. The surprising part is that it was with someone that I had never met in "real life" before.

YIP2010 - 231

Illustrator, blogger and oh so charming Brit, Katie Green was in town for a wedding, and we met up for the loveliest day. Along for the ride was Katie's wonderful (and patient!) boyfriend Luke. We all had such fun!


We started with some amazing Thai food, and a very appropriate fortune.

Then on to the yarn shop, and then, oh my goodness, the best needlework shop ever. I am shocked that I never have gone there until yesterday. (Mind you, this will be a very dangerous place for me to go from now on...) Take a look (and forgive the photos that are a little out of focus...I wasn't sure how discreet I needed to be):

floss heaven

floss heaven

Drawers of floss have always been a favorite of mine, and I remember not being allowed to touch them when I was young. Luke asked me if the pictures were to show my mom that I had opened so many at once!

floss heaven

Whoa. But wait, it gets better:

floss heaven

Keep breathing! The shop is Designer's Desk, and they have over 200 complete lines of floss. Seriously, I could faint. The most amazing thing is that I only spent around $8.

I wish that I had taken more photos throughout the day, but we were just too busy enjoying the time. We even got in some delicious cold drinks and a few games of Boggle. (Katie is queen at this game, although I'm still not sure that I trust their "English" English words...) And, AND, she brought me copies of her zine, The Green Bean. It is a delight, and I will be pouring over them for a long time!

Thank you, Katie, for being such a wonderful blog (and now "real life") friend. You are too sweet! Hugs to both you and Luke!

button and brooch stripes

button and brooch stripes

1. New Vintage Candy Stripe Pink Shield Brooch, 2. Stripes and Hearts, 3. Teddy in a Striped Tee buttons, 4. C365, day 208 - Stripes

It's Thursday, so I have some cuuuute stripey buttons and brooches to show you. I found all of these in the Craft Magazine group on Flickr. Love!

(oh, and be sure to stop by tomorrow. I had the most wonderful day today, but I need time to properly share it with you.)

keep your spot...

marking bacon

Today I have a little printable for you! This is really easy, and so fun!

Let me start by telling you that the inspiration for this little printable project was a lovely item called Master Magnetics® Flexible Magnetic Tape. My mom gets it for school things, and it is so cool! It is very thin and comes on a dispenser roll. It isn't especially cheap, but you'll love it!

Download the PDF with five designs (bacon, pencil, pickle, bandage, and ruler).

YIP2010 - 230

Print on either paper or cardstock. Cut out your pieces.

folded bacon

Fold in half.

magnet bacon

Stick a piece of magnet to one side, then take another magnet piece and let it attach (sticky side up) to the first magnet. This is because it needs to find the spot where it will shift and stay.

Now you can fold the paper down to stick to the second magnet piece.

marking bacon

Ready to hold onto a book! This bacon one is my sister's favorite, and is now holding her spot in a Civil War textbook. Love that!

I've got plans for more of these, so if you like them and want more, let me know!

UPDATE: More designs can be found here!

secrets to keep and some to share...


Secrets are so much fun, and yet, they make me go a little crazy. At a certain point, I just want to tell, because when you know something good, who wants to keep it all to themselves?

My secret right now is that I'm working on a project for a client, and it is really, really cool. I know that you will love it, but it's still a work in progress, and I don't even know when it will be ready to share. It could be many months. But it is soft and sweet and super cute. Oh, how this torments me!

(Not to mention, it is filling most of my time, and that means that other things that I shall keep a secret are not ready yet...)

But a few can't-keep-them-a-secret things here that I can, and should share...

Ferraby Lionheart has a new album, and it is delightful! My sister and I really enjoy his music...

Also, Paper Valise has an amazing 50% off sale right now (use the code at that link). Their items are all so lovely...

How about you? Any secrets that you just can't keep?

the weekend summary...


I hope you had a wonderful weekend, my friends! Mine sped by, but it included trying out a couple new games, spending some quality time with a 14-month-old sweetie, cleaning and cleaning out toys at church, sitting in the hot sun at a baseball game, wearing new things, singing songs with about 25 preschoolers, eating some amazing grilled corn, and lots more.

The game above is a hedgehog mini-game from Haba, and it is so simple and super fun. Highly recommended.

YIP2010 - 227

And this bag and dress are the new items that I ordered from Overlooked, and I'm so happy that I did, as they seem to be sold out now.

How about you? What fun things were you up to the last few days?

the last day...


Wow. Today is the last day of The Embroidery Project: Beyond Fabric & Floss! The last five weeks have been very full of editing photos, writing instructions, preparing posts. And of course all of the planning that happened before!

I am sad that it is done, but a little relieved because, phew! It took a lot of time and effort. But it was so much fun, and doing it for such wonderful students was the best part. Thank you to all who participated! Keep stitching, my friends!


The pictures here are of what I stitched up for the last challenge in the class. My sister suggested that I embroider a record, and what an idea! Had it not been for the class (and the idea of doing something to impress those taking the class), this wouldn't have ever happened. Be sure to watch the Wild Olive Flickr group to see projects that folks in the class have made, and will most likely be adding. (There was a lot of stitching involved, and that takes time!)

Oh, and one more thank you to DMC and their blog for sponsoring the class. Working with their supplies is always a joy!


Just a quick note about a comment issue.

First, I love when I get comments on the blog. Who doesn't? And I've avoided much moderation so far. But recently I've gotten some spammy comments left on popular posts. They look normal, they are very relevant, and they are actually quite sweet. But, the commenter's name, and what they link to, are definitely spam. And so, I've deleted.

I will do my best to only delete comments that are fake, and hopefully I won't get rid of something that is the real deal. If I do, I apologize. Please know that I am trying to help you out by removing the potentially yucky stuff.

imprisoned stripes...

On Thursdays I wear (and now blog about) stripes.

Today's stripes are rather dark and dreary, but so very cool. I saw this series of paintings/prints that depict being imprisoned in different ways. In several of them, the stripes are the only thing that really scream out prisoner, but when you look closely, or consider the titles, you see it. The one above is called "Spinster" and you can find it here.

The history of the term spinster is an interesting one, and as a single 30-year-old who works with thread a lot, I fear that the term applies to myself far too much! Fortunately, I don't feel too imprisoned by this, and trust that if God has someone in mind for me, we'll find each other.

Back to the artwork. You can find all kinds of melancholy and macabre lovelies at The Little Fox's blog and shop.

getting by...

YIP2010 - 223

I don't want to do just enough. I want to push and do more than what's expected. I don't want to miss opportunities to do amazing because I'm only doing what is required. I want to accomplish much.

But I'm realizing that there are times when it is okay to just get by. To squeeze in a bowl of cereal for a late lunch, and complete things by deadline instead of early, and think about things that you will make when you have more time.

Just recognizing that relieves some pressure. How about you? Do you take time to just get by?

i missed them...

Sufjan Stevens' "Michigan" album cover

Have you seen this amazing rendition of Sufjan Stevens' Michigan album cover? I wish I had done it. I also wish that I had been able to get two pre-sale tickets for his show in Chicago. Unfortunately, I missed them. Fingers crossed, I'll be trying again when general tickets are available soon...

He is one of my absolute favorites...

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Photo 57

FIVE...blogs I'm loving: Parcel Post, our hartbeat, Fossil, Between the Lines, & Lomurella

FOUR...things I'm thinking about: Baking, Sugar Gliders, Memories, The Last Week of Class

THREE...items I really like: Fancy Pins, A Handy Lens Cap, & A Lined Towel

TWO...songs I've been enjoying: Let My Love Open the Door & Hey Ya

ONE...thing I will do today: Try not to panic at all that I need to get done

Care to play along? Come up with five things to number off, and be sure to leave a link here!

thank yous...

Oh my. I just want to say a few thank yous.

First of all, there have been a LOT of folks visiting from other sites lately. Mainly because of dear Jessica of How About Orange. Welcome to all, and thanks for stopping by! (Oh, and my printable bobbins also ended up on Must Have Cute...part of the Cheez Burger network...how about that?)

YIP2010 - 219

But really I want to say thank you for all of the kind comments, hugs (real and virtual!), thoughts, notes, and prayers you've sent my way. Losing my grandma has been such a difficult, and yet, uplifting experience. I've been reminded of the circle of friends and family that I have (even my blog friends and family!), and most of all, of what a special person she was.

So...Thank you. So much. I'll be back on Monday with regularly scheduled fun.

the virtue of faithfulness...

Faithfulness - a free pattern

I've blogged her about my grandma before, and I will again, but today it's with sadness. And also some joy. Early yesterday morning, my Nanny went home to Jesus. She was so filled with faith, she loved our great God so much, and I will miss her. Last night I decided that she needed to be honored with an embroidery pattern.

Nanny's pattern is the virtue of faithfulness. For so many reasons. One of the reasons that is illustrated is her love of knitting. She very faithfully knitted many, many things over the years. And not just simple things, but big things, complex things. She was a master of the cable, and never did convince me to try it...I'm still afraid! It wasn't until she was in her 90s and was finally slowing down that the knitting also slowed.

So, faithfully stitch up this pattern. You can get to the pattern through by clicking the image, or this link.

i enjoy being a girl...

Have you ever seen/heard this song? It's from Flower Drum Song, and it has been going through my head as I've been working on something. Something lovely.


This is from the first in (hopefully) a series of patterns that each focus on one of the reasons why I enjoy being a girl. All of the items in this one are different kinds of makeup things. It includes lipstick, a pencil, a mirror, a small brush, lip gloss, mascara, nail polish, powder/blush, and eyeshadow. (They don't have names yet, but I'm taking suggestions!)

4-page PDF has a cover sheet with instructions/tips, 1 page of color suggestions, 1 page of patterns and 1 page of patterns reversed.

I enjoy being a girl...

Here's the thing about these patterns. They are only available here, and you can only get them by making a donation to the World Vision Girls in Crisis Fund. Why? Because we get to enjoy being girls, and not everyone has that privilege. This is a way to help change that.

A pattern set like this would normally cost $4.00 in my shop, but there is no set price for this. Give as you feel led, or as you are able to. All money (minus a small processing fee for FirstGiving) goes directly to World Vision.

Want the pattern? Make a donation, then either send me an email (molliejohanson{at}gmail{dot}com), or leave a comment here (include your email address) to let me know. I'll email you the pattern set within 48 hours.

A special note about this set. Like my other patterns, this is for personal use. However, you may make items with these patterns, and use them for non-profit fundraising. I'm happy to answer any questions about this.

Thank you for considering this purchase for an amazing cause!