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pattern // ready to stand

Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

Disney's live action The Little Mermaid comes to theaters this week and I just couldn't help but make an embroidery pattern featuring one of the song lyrics. Ready to Stand comes from the song Part of Your World and while Ariel definitely sings about wanting to be human and literally stand instead of flipping her fins, she's clearly singing about standing up for herself being her own person.

And when a quote jumps out at me from a favorite movie or song, my first thought is to stitch it!

Really quick, let me just tell you how much I love The Little Mermaid. I mean, I love lots of Disney characters probably just as much, but when I was younger I spent my summers in the pool. And do you know what that meant?

LOTS of hair flipping.

My friends and I would throw ourselves up and out of the water trying to get exactly the right kind of hair flip that Ariel did. I don't remember if I ever got it spot on, but I do remember having a lot of wet hair stuck to my face!

Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

When it came to creating my pattern, I didn't include any of the actual characters from the film on my design, but I do have a purple seashell because...well...that's a key Ariel sort of thing.

Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

The other little motifs sort of feel a bit more like they'd go with the song Under the Sea (life is the bubbles!), but they felt right. And pink bubbles with my little kawaii faces? It had to be done.

Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

For the text and the tiny bubble I used stitches that I don't use very often: coral stitch and circle/polka-dot stitch. Both can take a little practice, but they make a really nice addition to this, I think.

And just to try something a little different, I also have a video showing the process of stitching up this pattern. It's one part tutorial and one part stitch along with me. My hope is that it is both helpful and fun to watch!

Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

Now, how about that pattern? If you want to use an iron-transfer pen, just print the pattern and tape tape it to a window with the back of the paper facing you so you can trace it reversed. This is set up as simple outline pattern, so you can choose your own colors. But the colors I used are in there too if you'd like

What's something you're ready to stand for?

introducing the kawaii alphabet stitching club!

Kawaii Alphabet Stitching Club

It's time for another Wild Olive Stitching Club! And if you love my kawaii style, you're going to love this one. The Kawaii Alphabet Stitching Club features 26 super cute embroidery patterns and a unique English paper piecing pattern to make a lap quilt.

Everything in this is about super cute stitching and connecting with a group of fellow stitchers as you craft something special. More than any of my clubs before, I'm not showing off the patterns so it can be a surprise for those who like the mystery. But I have plenty of information for you and you can always ask if you have questions!


Embroidery is the heart of the project and it's what ties everything together. The theme is kawaii alphabet, which means super cute objects and animals that represent the ABCs (of the English alphabet). Many of the designs are iconic of the Japanese kawaii aesthetic, but they are all things that you'll recognize in one way or another. The patterns are a secret until they are released each week, but there are a few sneak peeks that lurk around here...

The patterns all have their accompanying letter as part of the design, along with some cute little elements all around. They're larger than most of the stitching club patterns I've made before (about 3-4 inches), but they're still fairly quick to stitch up. The size also makes them ideal for embroidering other projects that aren't part of the quilt that we're making.

When starting this project, it's best to know a few basic embroidery stitches.

English Paper Piecing

If embroidery ties everything together, English paper piecing or EPP is what literally holds everything together. This technique involves attaching fabric to cardstock templates. Those templates make it easier to put everything together...without a sewing machine! Each alphabet pattern becomes part of the larger hand-stitched project. A lap quilt, to be precise. You could make it into a giant wall hanging in child's bedroom or you can actually use it while cuddled up on the couch and watching something super cute!

Hand sewing a quilt together isn't a fast process, but EPP makes it easy, precise, and portable. The shapes are a mix of hexagons, squares, and a special shape that's like a skewed hexagon. Mine is made with kawaii, candy-colored solids, but you can use any fabrics you like. One person suggested to me that the large pieces would be great for showing off some of the larger scale prints that don't always work for English paper piecing!

And it's okay if you've never tried EPP before, because I'll show you the basics!


This is a stitching CLUB, not just a project. When you sign up, you get patterns and tutorials, but you also get to connect with others who are stitching along. And thanks to a new site where I'm hosting the club, that will be easier than ever. Club members can comment and interact, as well as upload images of their progress.

There's no pressure to participate or interact, and you don't even need to stitch at a set pace. But connecting with others can really help you stay on track to finish your project!

Kawaii Alphabet Stitching Club

All the Details

If you've never done one of my stitching clubs before, here's what you can expect:

• New pattern PDF released every Monday while the class runs (if you join after the start, you'll instantly have all the previously released patterns and content).
• Printable templates for the English paper piecing (available as soon as you join)
• English paper piecing instructions
• Lap quilt finishing instructions
• Kind folks who love stitching cute things as much as you do

If you've done one of my stitching clubs before, you can also expect these new features:

• An online portal to access everything all in one place (no hunting for all the emails!)
• Video tutorials along with written instructions
• A private community to interact with other club members and share your photos

The entire club lasts for about six months because that's how long it will take to get through the alphabet with one letter a week. I've set it up this way so you can work on the embroidery and EPP week by week at an easy pace. That means we'll be finishing in November, with just enough time to catch up (if needed!) by the end of the year and gift-giving season. But also, it's completely okay to let this take longer than the six months. You'll be able to come back to the patterns and tutorials after the club ends.

The Kawaii Alphabet Stitching Club launched on May 29, 2023, but you can join any time!

I really can't wait for you to see all of these adorable alphabet patterns and stitch along with me and a fantastic community of super cute stitchers!

project // cross stitch photo frame

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

When you have a favorite place to visit, you probably have a photo or two to remember your times there. And now you can make a frame to hold your photo and show off your stitching too! This is a quick cross stitch project that you can work on while you travel and finish when you're home again.

This is the perfect project for anyone who already loves cross stitch, but it's also perfect for anyone who wants to just give it a try. The patterns you'll find in this post are small and easy, which means even if you're new to this, you'll be able to complete the stitching in no time. But you also don't have to use the patterns here. You can choose any small design and follow the same basic steps.

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

When choosing a frame, look for one that is flat on the front and has a large enough area that you can attach the cross stitch. The colorful frame I'm using is from IKEA and they usually also have natural wood or neutral colors too. In the patterns, you'll find the same colors I used listed, but you can use any colors you like and match them to the frame or the photo.

Now, let's get stitching!

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

Here's What You Need:

Photo Frame (I recommend at least a 5x7 frame)
A Small Piece of Cross Stitch
Fabric Tape
Craft Glue


I created the pattern you see in the photos right before I took a trip to Disneyland. Because I LOVE Disney parks and I wanted to have something fun to stitch while I was there. In fact, you can't see my hands in the photo, but I was literally stitching this pattern when this was taken! But my whole family also loves Disney parks, so I created a second version that says "WE love this place." You can find both versions below.

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

After you've finished your cross stitch, trim the fabric down. I think it's best to trim it to a square/rectangle because you can keep the edges nice and neat. Leave four rows of Aida on each side of the design.

Pull away one row on each side. This will give the fabric a little fringe edge that won't fray.

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

Place a few pieces of fabric tape on the back of the cross stitch.

If you'd rather skip this material, you can sew (by hand or machine) the cross stitch onto the felt. But I don't recommend glue for this step as it can soak through the fabric and look sloppy.

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

Peel off the tape backing and firmly press the cross stitch onto the felt. Be sure that there's a little bit of felt showing on all the edges.

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

Trim the felt down so the edges are all even.

I left just a tiny bit showing and I used a rotary cutter to make it quick. Regular scissors will work just fine, or you could use scallop shears to make it extra cute!

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

Decide where you want the cross stitch to be positioned on the frame. Some of it will cover what's in the frame, so take that into account.

When you know where you want it, add some glue to the frame and then press the felt side down on the glue. Give it some time to dry before you start taking the frame apart to add an image or standing/hanging it up.

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

Now you have a frame that helps you celebrate a favorite location! Of course, you can use other small patterns and this same technique. I did something similar with embroidery and it gives you an idea of how you can use other shapes and sizes.

Cross Stitch Photo Frame (With Chart!)

For me, Disney is my favorite place to visit. But home is also a place that I love, so a pattern like this would be a good choice for a picture being home with family.

But I want to know...where is a place that you love? What special moment at that place would you put into this frame?

wallpaper // crayons for may + hexagon tinies patterns

Each month I share a new downloadable wallpaper, and for May I have a little box of crayons on the design along with a few extra crayons and stars. This year I've been making these look like stickers on colorful lined paper. They're fun this way and a great background, especially with on a desktop with icons around. But I'll get back to icons on the "paper."

This month's crayons are based on a pattern that I made a few years back. It was actually 30 tiny patterns that I called Hexagon Tinies and they are still scattered in posts in on my blog.

Hexagon Tinies - Rainbow

I never stitched the crayons, but I did embroider this colorful rainbow! Each of the tiny patterns is designed to fit on a 1-inch hexagon that you can use for English paper piecing, which you see here. Other designs include a jam jar, a flashlight, several food items, and lots of summer fun. They don't have suggested colors, but that just means you can choose whatever you'd like!

Since they are not super easy to find these days (and because they are a bunch of separate files), I thought it would be nice to put them all together in a handy PDF file. I also added some easy-cut hexagons to the file which you can use as EPP templates.

The PDF is available on my Ko-Fi page (it's like Patreon!) for anyone who leaves a tip or becomes a member. Of course, when you do that, you unlock a bunch more content too!

Now, let's get back to the wallpapers. These come in several sizes and I also have one that says "May" for those who like using them as "month markers" on Instagram (I do know it's a little late for that now!). You can grab what you need here:

When I've made these each month, I usually also make a blank "paper" version that I use in my Instagram stories as a background. For some reason, it didn't occur to me until now that these would be great as a home screen background to coordinate with the lockscreen for your phone. You know...a basic wallpaper to showcase your app icons!

So here you can download the lined green paper for this month, along with the ones from prior months/wallpaper designs!

I hope these are fun and helpful for you!

patterns // b2emo and a favorite song

B2EMO Droid Cross Stitch Pattern

It's May the 4th, and that means new Star Wars patterns! I always love making and sharing patterns and projects from a galaxy far, far away, and this year I'm adding some embroidery and cross stitch designs that are a little less common.

We're starting out with Andor. I really enjoyed this series on Disney+. It's not always fast-paced, but I love learning about characters, which this show had a lot of. I also adored the droid B2EMO. He's an introvert and has some of the cutest things to say! Which is how I came to make my cross stitch pattern with one of his quotes...it's so relatable for me!

B2EMO Droid Cross Stitch Pattern
B2EMO Droid Cross Stitch Pattern

I don't think of myself as an anti-social person at all. Some social interactions, however, wear me down. I have literally said on many occasions that I need to recharge at home. This droid gets me! It's also super cute.

It needed to be simplified a bit for cross stitch at this size, and because of his lens/eyes, I opted not to add extra "Wild Olive" eyes. Instead he gets a smile. B2EMO doesn't seem like one to smile too often, but when Andor arrives home, I think that's when the happy emotions come out!

Of course, if you just want the droid without the quote, you can stitch him alone and make a little pin or even an ornament!


Because this is a droid, I thought it would be fun to put the finished stitching in one of my antique metal hoops. The rims and spring tension give it a droid feeling, don't you agree?

B2EMO Droid Cross Stitch Pattern

Play That Same Song Embroidery Pattern

I didn't want to leave embroidery out of the picture this year, so I have a simple text pattern. Now, you may be wondering if this is even Star Wars, but hear me out.

My family says this line of dialogue so often that I legitimately forgot that it isn't from a Star Wars film. It's actually a quote from the Star Wars episode of Family Guy. Now, I don't watch that show, but my brother had me at least watch that particular episode. And there are just so many funny moments!

When the characters go into the Mos Eisley Cantina, the band finishes playing their iconic song, and the band leader asks if there are any requests. Someone yells out "play that same song!" and so they do.

My family now calls out this request anytime we hear the song. And that includes when my sister and I went to the Oga's Cantina in Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland! (Okay, so I didn't exactly yell it, but I did make sure to say it!). Anyway, it was time that this iconic (at least for Johansons and Family Guy fans) became a pattern.

Whether you're cross stitching or embroidering, May the 4th be with you!

project // calico goat scrappy hoop art

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

This scrappy hoop art project might be controversial, but I also think it's cute. The inspiration for this comes from the famous (or infamous!) Disney attraction "it's a small world." If you absolutely can't stand that song, please don't click away immediately! haha! Give me a moment to tell you about what I love about this.

I have, sadly, never ridden the Disneyland version of this attraction (though I visited the outside!), but I've enjoyed the Magic Kingdom version many, many times. One of the first things you see as your boat launches is a scene with some little clocks and a few mini mountains and these goats. They are in bold, primary colors, and their bodies are covered in calico floral print.

From the moment I noticed that little calico detail, I was smitten.

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

For years I've thought about how to make something that honors those goats, and now's my time! But here's the thing. Even if you aren't a fan of hundreds of dolls singing a song about all the things we share in common (over and over again), I hope you still find this to be a cute little goat.

One of the other things that I think makes this perfect is that there's this goat stereotype about them eating trash. That's not exactly true, but in this case, our little goat friend will eat up a few of your fabric scraps, which is close enough. Right?

Now, let's make a calico goat!

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art


Background fabric
Fabric scraps (I recommend a solid for the face!)
6-inch embroidery hoop
Embroidery floss
Wonder Under fusible web
Iron and ironing mat


Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

Trace the pattern pieces onto the paper side of the Wonder Under. The templates are flipped/mirrored because you'll iron this to the wrong side of the fabric. They're also grouped by suggested color to make it easy to cut them apart, but you can use whatever mix of colors and scrap fabrics you like!

Also, the face is shown on the template, but you don't need to trace it on the Wonder Under.

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

Iron the fabric scraps and then iron the fusible web to the wrong side. Be sure that the Wonder Under doesn't extend past the edge of the fabric or you'll get your ironing mat all sticky!

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

Cut out all of the fabric pieces.

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

Now we're at the hardest part of the entire project. Peeling off the paper backing.

On these tiny pieces, separating the paper from the back of the fabric and the fusible web is just a little tricky. Rubbing the edge with your fingernail helps, and I also found that a tweezer works too! Just try to do this without fraying the fabric.

As you prepare the pieces, arrange them on the backing fabric, using your embroidery hoop to help with placement. The bottom of the mountain will extend into the hoop and be hidden.

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art
Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

Working in layers and sections, begin pressing the fabric pieces down with your iron. Most of the pieces fit together like a little puzzle and you can use the photos or the color image on the pattern PDF as a reference. Some pieces layer on top of others.

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

All that's left is a bit of embroidery!

Place the backing fabric in your embroidery hoop. For the face, I used three strands of black embroidery floss. I freehanded mine, but you can trace the pattern with a vanishing ink pen or use the tracing paper method. The eyes are french knots, the nose is satin stitch, the straight line is back stitch and the smile is scallop stitch.

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

To fill in the background a little, I added some lazy daisies. Again, I just freehanded these, using the color image in the pattern as a general guide. I stitched fewer flowers than I planned, but it was just what worked for me. You can add a lot more, even fewer, or none at all!

I would also consider adding an outline around the different elements, but I haven't decided if I want that yet. If I did, it would probably be with three strands of back stitch using colors that match the fabrics. Or maybe black or dark gray? It's staying like this for now.

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

To finish it off, trim the backing fabric so there's a little under an inch all around the hoop. Use thread and running stitch around the extra fabric to gather it to the back. Secure the end and your hoop is ready to display!

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art
Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

And just like that you have a happy little goat to adorn your wall! My dad saw this and immediately thought of the Lonely Goat Herder song from the Sound of Music, and that also works! But I think there's so much that we share that it's time we're aware, it's a small world after all. Don't you agree?

By the way, as you can see, I went for pastel-ish brights for my goat, but you could make yours in the more primary colors from the Disney attraction. Or any of your favorite fabrics. I'd recommend small prints for this.

Also by the way, as I was making this I teamed up with Missouri Star Quilt Company for their Earth Day celebration of fabric scraps. My cutting mat and ironing mat came from them, and they also carry Wonder Under. If you want to help support me and do some shopping you can use my affiliate link here, and use code MOLLIEAPRIL23 to save 15% through May 1, 2023.

Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art Calico Goat Scrappy Hoop Art

And while we're on the subject of "it's a small world"...

Clockwork Critters Embroidery Pattern
Clockwork Critters Felt Ornament Pattern

I recently released embroidery and felt applique patterns for making some little chalet clocks with animal friends! You know those clocks I mentioned are near the goats at the beginning of the happiest cruise to ever sail? They inspired these. I call them Clockwork Critters and you can find them in my Etsy shop! The embroidery pattern is here and the felt ornament version is here.

pattern // remember me communion embroidery pattern

Remember Me Embroidery Pattern

Remember Me. This embroidery pattern is a celebration of Jesus' last supper with his friends and our celebration of communion. It's Good Friday as I publish this, but this is a reminder for all of time. To me, that makes it worth stitching!

When Jesus broke bread and passed the cup, he said "Do this in remembrance of me." It was a directive to have a sort of memorial to God. But also it is about remembering who Jesus is and what he did and does. I don't know about you, but I forget. Like, every day. All of the things that I'm juggling in life and all of the things swirling around us in the world make it easy for me to forget.

Remembering Jesus is the thing that refocuses what it's all about.

When we receive communion in church, it's usually more formal. And that's great! But whenever we gather and share a meal, it's a perfect time to remember Jesus. Whenever we breathe a fresh breath it's a great time! But since Jesus' words were around a meal, I chose to include the bread and cup on my pattern.

Remember Me Embroidery Pattern

I also chose to embroider the design on a kitchen towel that will work well in a bread basket. My mom often grabs a fresh cloth napkin or towel to line a basket for a meal, and my hope is that this will be the go-to bread towel now. Not just for special occasions, but for regular meals. (She thinks it may be too nice for all the regular washing, but I'm not gonna let that stop me from making use of this!)

I placed the embroidery at one corner of the towel and stitched it on a 45-degree angle. All of the stitching was with six strands of embroidery floss. Most of the lines are backstitch, the word "Me" is chain stitch, and I used french knots for all the dots and the eyes. The mouths are scallop stitch.

Of course, you can make adjustments and stitch this on whatever you'd like and however you'd like!

By the way, I started and ended all this embroidery with knots. Very tight and secure knots. And I also wove the tails (both and beginning and end) through the backs of the stitches. I want this thing to not come undone, but also, if I have to go back and fix it over time, that's fine. I'm also prepared to make another one. I have a feeling the towel will get more wear than the stitching!


If you like this design but don't want to or aren't able to stitch it, I created a printable version that is available to those who support me on Ko-Fi. You can leave a one-time tip or you can join the Ko-Fi Klatsch, which has new content added every month! The printable is a 5x7-inch piece of art that you can print at home and add to a frame.

Whether you choose to stitch (or print!) this for a special time of communion (it might make a nice first communion gift!) or for your everyday meals, my hope is that as you make and enjoy this, you would remember Jesus and how much he loves you.

wallpaper // a calico goat sticker for april

It's April and that means I'm here with a new wallpaper to share!

At the beginning of this year, I was feeling pretty sure that I wouldn't be making a new wallpaper each month. It's why I opted to stop adding a calendar to these, so it wouldn't be tied to making a design by the first of the month. Apparently I was kidding myself. And the fact that this month has a goat is only partly a pun on kidding. Maybe these wallpapers got my goat? I'm not sure.

What I am sure of is that I started thinking about this goat back in November and decided that it should start to take form now. I say start because I have an idea of where this might go when it comes to fabric and embroidery and such. But that will show up soon.

At any rate, this month I'm sharing a wallpaper with a calico goat. And honestly, what's not to love about a calico goat? I kept the sticker look from my other wallpapers this year, but obviously this is a different sort of thing. I still love it.

Clockwork Critters Embroidery Pattern

My goat friend is actually related to my latest embroidery pattern, Clockwork Critters, which is soon to have a coordinating felt ornament pattern. The goat may also need an ornament pattern, yes?

Coffee Shop Snack Patterns

And while we're speaking of new patterns, these Yummy Snacks patterns are the April patterns that I released for members of my Ko-Fi Klatsch. If you're not familiar with that, for as little as $5 per month you can get exclusives and bonus patterns from me, but there are also tiers that give you access to live hangouts, discounts, and new Etsy shop releases.

project // happy cloud rainbow hoop

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

What could be happier than a little kawaii cloud sitting on a rainbow? How about a 3D felt cloud?

When I saw these wool felt pom poms in the shape of clouds, I had to get one and come up with a fun way to use it. And while this is a simple project, it has quickly become one of my favorites. Choosing a limited rainbow palette for the stripes was really enjoyable, and I personally find chain stitch to be so relaxing. But it's the puffy little cloud that really gets me.

I think it's unexpected to have this cloud held on to the front of a hoop. And it was just $3.00! Well worth it to make this into something special.

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

7-inch Embroidery Hoop
Vanishing Ink Pen
Embroidery Floss in a Rainbow of 5 Colors, plus black (I used DMC 3855, 3824, 3326, 209, 3805, and 310)
Embroidery Needle
Wool Felt Cloud Pom Pom (Found at Benzie Design)

Rainbow Stripes Pattern PDF

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Place the fabric in your hoop and use your ruler to mark five parallel lines 3/8 (1cm) apart. The pattern page has these lines if it's easier for you to trace them.

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Embroider the five lines with six strands and chain stitch. You don't really need to stitch the entire lines because the cloud will cover the center section, but it's easier to stitch the full line. That gives you a bit of room to move the cloud around if you want.

TIP: If you have trouble threading all six strands, I recently shared a tip for using tape to help!

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Use the vanishing ink pen to draw a little face on the cloud.

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Thread six strands of black embroidery floss through your needle and tie a knot at the other end. Bring the needle through the cloud coming up through one of the marked eyes. Make a french knot, going back down through the cloud.

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Stitch the mouth with a scallop stitch, then stitch another french knot eye. This face is just like all the other faces I use in my embroidery. The only difference is that we're stitching through this three dimensional felt cloud.

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Secure the end of the thread with a knot on the back of the cloud. By the way, as I was stitching my face, I pulled the stitches just tight enough to sort of indent the felt. It makes the cloud puff around the face. You don't have to make yours this way, but I think it's cute!

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Place the cloud on the hoop. I centered mine, but you can find a spot that looks right to you.

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Thread a needle and tie a knot at the other end (I used a color similar to my fabric, but it won't show, so anything will do!). Working on the back of the hoop, go through the fabric and dip the needle into the back of the cloud. It helps to use your finger or thumb to press the fabric and cloud to bring the needle back up.

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Take a few large stitches around the back of the cloud. You don't need very many, but cloud should feel secure when you give it a little wiggle.

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

The stitches shouldn't be visible from the front or side. Secure the end of the thread with a knot.

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

Gather the fabric on the back of the hoop, finishing as you'd like. And your happy cloud rainbow hoop art is finished!

Happy Cloud Rainbow Hoop

I love clouds and rainbows, but this one is especially delightful to me. I love the simplicity of the rainbow stitching, and I especially love the cloud. It's so different from typical embroidery! Maybe I need to try some more felt pom poms for other hoop art projects!