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pattern // kay the kitty cross stitch

Kay the Kitty Cross Stitch Chart

Get ready to stitch up some sushi with Kay the Kitty! This month's Kawaii Crossing resident is officially now a cross stitch pattern, and she's just itching to eat up her latest catch.

True to form, I haven't even started stitching my own Kay, with her chopsticks, sushi, and dumpling. But I didn't want to wait to share this one. So I'm keeping this post short and sweet. Consider this your weekend project! Maybe it's even something to work on over some grocery store sushi...

As always, you can stitch this design on its own or add it to the growing sampler border with all the other Kawaii Crossing residents.

patterns // baby yoda and ewok cross stitch

Star Wars Cross Stitch

Happy Star Wars Day, aka May the Fourth! I try to observe this day each year with some kind of pattern or project, and this time around it's two free cross stitch charts!

I've been designing cross stitch patterns for over five years now, and I even have a cross stitch book coming out this year, but these are my first Star Wars designs. In fact, my book Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy is how I decided on the first design: Baby Yoda. You see, this little creature is my favorite Star Wars bundle of joy, and I HAD to put my spin on him.

Star Wars Cross Stitch

But first, let's just address the Baby Yoda name thing. Amy Sedaris' character Peli Motto says it best: "Grogu? Whoa, that's a terrible name...No way am I calling you that." If she can say that, I can agree and go with Baby Yoda. We all can.

Okay, so now let's talk about this little cross stitch design! My sister stitched the sample for us and it's on 14-count Aida, fitting perfectly in a 3-inch hoop. That means it would also work really well for a pin or patch. And who wouldn't want to sport this grinning little green guy?

But then as I was working on this, another source of Star Wars joy came to mind:

Star Wars Cross Stitch

This is my Princess Kneesaa stuffed Ewok toy from when I was little. Yes I still have her and love her. The Ewoks were literally my first introduction to Star Wars. So when a few folks on Instagram encouraged me in this direction, I had to make some Ewoks in cross stitch too.

Star Wars Cross Stitch
Star Wars Cross Stitch

These patterns came along a little later, so they aren't all stitched yet, but the chart has Princess Kneesaa, Wicket (I forgot that these two were married!), and a slightly more gray version of Tokkat. I absolutely love that so many Ewoks have names and back stories due to the extra shows and specials that came out...even if they weren't the best!

Anyway, Kneesaa is helping me finish stitching, and I haven't decided what I'll do with the finished Ewoks yet. I'm stitching this one on 16-count Aida, so they might be good as a bookmark? I'll post an update on Instagram at some point.

Star Wars Cross Stitch

Now, are you ready to start your Star Wars Day cross stitching?

As a reminder, I make these kinds of patterns for fun and as fan art, so the charts are for personal use only. And May the Fourth be with you!

calendar // kay the kitty wallpaper

Do you love sushi? I'm more of a vegetarian sushi sort of person, but this month's Kawaii Crossing resident is Kay the Kitty and she prefers the fishiest sushi she can get. She loves making it. She loves eating it. She even loves sushi-themed art, accessories, and games. I suppose we shouldn't be suprised!

Speaking of games, I recently played Sushi Roll, the dice game version of the now-classic game Sushi Go, and it was so much fun! That maaaaaayyyy be why I added a dumpling into this month's calendar. When I see cute things, I'm inspired. But my playing this game was NOT what inspired Kay the Kitty. Nope...she was all planned as a sushi lover and the game timing just worked out!

I love when things happen that way.

Now I just have to think about the idea of one Kawaii Crossing resident eating formerly living things. I suppose fish aren't walking around in this town, so it's okay? Maybe it's best not to think about it. For now, grab the wallpaper size you need below.

pattern // bob the bunny cross stitch

Bob the Bunny Cross Stitch Chart

Get yourself ready to cross stitch Bob the Bunny! This sweet little (free!) chart is quick to stitch and perfect for anyone who loves some spring gardening.

As I'm writing this, it's a few days after Easter, so there's part of me that worries that folks will just pass by a bunny cross stitch pattern. But hear me out. First, bunnies are a delight no matter what holiday or time of year it might be. Second, Bob loves gardening, and that's a hobby that happens for several seasons. Third, I'm still stitching my own sample, so there's no way this chart was coming any earlier.

Bob the Bunny Cross Stitch Progress

This is where my Bob the Bunny stitching currently stands. I'm not a super fast stitcher, so this was my progress while stitching/watching some television last night. I'm already pleased with how it's looking, even if I did stitch a carrot in the wrong place. And I 100% left it in the wrong place because it didn't mess anything else up.

That's one of my cross stitch secrets. If a mistake won't cause major headaches, I just don't sweat it. (An exception to this was on the samples for paid patterns or my book Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy! Those stitches are always double checked to be sure that what you see is what you should stitch!) I say this because perfection isn't necessary as long as you can make it work.

Now, are you ready for some stitching? Grab the free Bob the Bunny mini chart below. Or, if you'd like to make a sampler with all of the Kawaii Crossing Residents this year (scroll through to find the cross stitch patterns), hop over to my Ko-Fi page to get the ribbon border!

project and pattern // bob the bunny felt brooch (plus embroidery design!)

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

I don't want to alarm you, but you're about to make the cutest felt bunny rabbit pin you've ever seen. Yes, that might feel like a strong statement, but I literally "awwwwwwwed" outloud as the pattern was coming together and when I showed the finshed project to my mom she gasped and covered her face. I'm just sayin'.

So now that you're prepared, allow me to introduce the Bob the Bunny Brooch.

Bob is one of the residents of the Kawaii Crossing town I've been adding to, and it just felt right that he should come to life in felt in this way.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

I knew that this would become a reality as I was working on some little felt eggs that I designed for Cloud Craft. The colors were perfect for Bob and honestly this pin is kind of like a companion craft to the floral eggs. One could even combine these two projects into one!

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Stitching small felt projects is always very relaxing and satisfying, so I couldn't wait to make my new brooch. And I'm already looking forward to making more that are similar.

Also, before I get too far into this, I also have the Bob the Bunny embroidery pattern ready and available at the end of this post. If you're stitching along with all the Kawaii Crossing residents, you'll need that! But it's also great if you like Bob, but aren't quite up for wearing him on your jacket or bag.

Okay, now let's make this little felt pin!

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

You will need:

Felt (I used 100% wool provided by Cloud Craft)
Embroidery Floss
Pin Back
Freezer Paper and Pencil (optional)
Scissors (I used Benzie design scallop shears and standard scissors)
Iron (optional)

Bob the Bunny Brooch Pattern PDF

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

When cutting out small felt pieces, I like to use freezer paper to get the most accurate pieces as possible. You can see the whole process in video here.

Trace the pattern pieces onto the non-shiny side of the freezer paper. I usually group the pieces by felt color. You can also trace some of the little details on the pieces, but you don't have to.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Iron the freezer paper onto the felt. It only takes a few seconds for it to adhere.

For the smaller oval shape, I cut right on the line before ironing it to the felt and I made sure to leave a bit of room around the edge. You'll see why in the next step.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch
Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Use a scallop shears to cut out the smaller oval. Cut around the pattern template so the scissors aren't cutting the paper. Using these scissors is optional, but the decorative edge makes it super cute.

For the rest of the pieces, cut them out with regular scissors and then peel off the freezer paper.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch
Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Embroider the face on Bob the Bunny and the lines on the carrot. Use three strands of embroidery floss.

You can often stitch right through the freezer paper and then carefully tear it away. But you don't have to do it this way. Use your favorite pattern marking technique or just stitch freehand!

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Stitch the inside of the ears to the outside of the ears with applique stitch and thread that matches the inside of the ear.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch
Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Arrange Bob the Bunny and the carrot on the smaller oval piece. Layer Bob's ears behind the head and so they overlap the edge of the background a bit. Stitch around the pieces with applique stitch. Don't forget to attach the nose!

For the top of the head and the ears, make one small stitch on each side of the ears, but keep the rest loose so the ears can wiggle. Stitch through the head and the ear as shown so that the layers are secure.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Now it's time to embroider the background flowers. Once again, use three strands of embroidery floss. You can mark the pattern in some way, or you can just use the pattern as a guide and freehand stitch the flowers as I did.

The larger flowers are lazy daisies.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

The tiny flowers are groupings of french knots.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

It's almost finished!

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Hand sew the pin back onto the back of the larger oval shape.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Stitch the front oval to the back oval with running stitch. Be sure to hold the ears out of the way as you stitch the layers behind them!

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Your Bob the Bunny Brooch is all ready for you to wear!

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

Does this brooch work well for Easter time? Yes. Is it also good for spring in general? Also yes. And could you wear this simply because you think bunnies are a delight? STILL YES.

I need more things like this in my life. Always.

Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch
Bob the Bunny Felt Brooch

One of the things that I love about little projects like this is that you can make them in a few hours. They're great for crafternoons with friends or to stitch up in an evening while you watch a movie.

If you like Bob, but don't want to make a brooch, maybe you'd like to embroider him?

Bob the Bunny Embroidery Pattern The Bob the Bunny embroidery pattern is part of my Kawaii Crossing resident stitching project, and he's the fourth friend to show up. All of the residents fit into a ribbon border which you can get through my Ko-Fi page, but you can also just stitch the patterns on their own. Find them all here.

But don't forget to get the Bob the Bunny pattern first:

Happy, or should I say...hoppy stitching friends!

project // easter egg felt "stockings"

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

As my grandpa used to say, Easter time is a time for joy and a time for joy is Easter time! Or in this case, it's a time for a fun way to give Easter treats to your family! These felt Easter eggs are designed to hang in your home like stockings, but it's the Easter bunny who fills them with a favorite candy or two.

Recently on an episode of The Very Serious Crafts Podcast, Haley and I were talking about some of our favorite make-in-a-day projects, and I mentioned simple felt stockings. Specifically I mentioned the non-Christmas heart stockings I made (as well as the Halloween pumpkins, which do take a little longer...though not much!). I also talked about how my mom has wanted an Easter version for awhile.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

If this all seems really strange to you, let me explain. All of the "kids" in my family are pretty much grown up. There's no need for big Easter baskets or loads of treats for other holidays either. But my mom still loves to do something, and these small "stockings" create an opportunity for that. For Easter, that might mean a chocolate bunny or a bag of your favorite gummies. Maybe a new lip balm or a Lego Minifig. But the treats are always small, light, and easy to fit into a little themed pouch that hangs on the hooks that we use for Christmas stockings.

Anyway, I told Haley that I'd been thinking of making pouches shaped like baskets, but I wasn't sold on it. And she very simply said "or you could do eggs?" And I felt ridiculous because of course that's what they should be.

So here we are. And now I have made five colorful felt Easter egg "stockings". There's one for each "kid" who still lives here (that includes me, but not my brother who got married and moved across the country...he just misses out now...ha! Sorry if you're reading this, Anders!).

Now that I've explained this concept, who wants to make some felt eggs to hang up for the Easter bunny to deliver something sweet? Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

You will need:

Wool-blend felt in Easter egg colors (these colors all came from Benzie)
Ribbon or other trim
Scrap of black fabric
Scrap of paper-backed fusible web
Crafty decorations (optional)
Fabric glue (also optional)
Sewing machine -OR- Embroidery floss and needle


Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Tape the two pieces of the egg template together and use that to cut out two egg shapes from felt. Do this for all of the eggs you are making.

Cut along the dotted line and use that as a template to split the back egg piece in two. Repeat for each egg.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Cut a piece of ribbon to about 7" long and fold it in half. Pin the ribbon between the layers of felt on the top of the egg.

You can place it wherever you want so the eggs hang how you like them. I went for hanging at an angle, but it would be cute right at the top too!

Pin around the egg shape.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Sew around the entire egg.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Trace the face pieces onto the paper side of the fusible web. Iron it to the back of your black fabric scrap.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Cut out the face pieces, peel off the paper backing, and arrange them on the front of the egg how you like them. You'll find that changing the placement and spacing makes a big difference!

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

Iron the faces to the felt egg.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

For our eggs, I kept them plain and added them to the fireplace mantle right away.

But you can decorate your Easter eggs with things like buttons, felt shapes, sequins, and more. Fabric glue will do the trick! Just be careful not to use too much glue so it soaks through. You can also place a piece of waxed paper between the layers to avoid the glue sticking the layers together.

Easter Egg Felt "Stockings"

On Easter, each egg will have a special treat or two inside!

My family loves having fun little decorations like this that welcome a holiday and also serve a purpose. Plus, they store flat, which is always a bonus!

Happy Easter Crafting!

calendar // bob the bunny wallpaper

It is April 1st and I don't have any tricks up my sleeve...just a rabbit. But not a magic rabbit (who would do tricks...get it?). No, no. This is the resident of Kawaii Crossing who loves gardening. Say hello to Bob the Bunny!

Now, I know that a bunny who likes to garden and grow carrots is a little cliche (see Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh), but I'm going for it because it's spring and Easter is coming and I just had to go there. Plus I can't want to make more Bob-related projects!

For now, grab the wallpaper size you need below.

project // woven cross stitchable ornament

Woven Cross Stitching Card

Today I'm sharing a simple little project that you can print and stitch for yourself, with your kids, or even share it with a group of students at your church! With Easter coming soon, this stitchable cross is a great reminder of what Jesus did to extend forgiveness to each one of us. You can hang it up as an ornament or use it as a bookmark!

You will need:
Large Tapestry Needle
Yarn or Embroidery Thread
Hole Punch


Woven Cross Stitching Card

Cut out the cross shape. Use the needle to pre-poke the holes marked by dots.

Woven Cross Stitching Card

Cut a piece of yarn or embroidery thread that's a little longer than your entire arm. Thread it through your needle and tie a knot at the other end.

Come up through one of the holes near the edge. Stitch from bottom to top and top to bottom. Be careful not to pull the stitches too tight. End with a knot.

Woven Cross Stitching Card
Woven Cross Stitching Card

With a fresh piece of yarn, stitch from left to right and right to left. As you stitch, weave the yarn over and under the vertical stitches. Once again, try to keep the tension even on the stitches and then end with a knot.

Woven Cross Stitching Card

Finish by punching a hole at the top and adding a hanging loop or a tassle if you want to use it as a bookmark.

For mine, I used two colors of yarn so the weaving was easy to see, but you can do this all in one color or with variegated thread! I also would suggest printing the templates on the heaviest weight cardstock you have. That will give it a bit more structure so it's easier to stitch without it bending.

These would also be pretty printed on colored cardstock...or even traced onto balsa wood! Ooh, yes...now I want to try that.

The real point here though is a cross that is decorated, but empty. It's a cross that reminds us of God's ultimate act of love, that didn't end with pain and death, but with new life! May this easy little craft bring joy and meaning to your Easter and your every day.