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project // sew a softie french fry kid

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Make a McDonaldland Fry Kid with this easy-sew softie project! This month I've shared a few things patterns for making my Big Burger House that's part of my Kawaii Crossing town. That house is inspired by McDonald's and specifically the memories I have from my childhood. The McDonaldland characters were iconic, and the Fry Kids were at the top of my list of favorites.

July is also Sew a Softie month, so I'm joining up with Trixi from Sew a Softie to share this quick and fun project that kids can make almost entirely on their own. There are lots of other projects to find through the blog hop too.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

I recently found these super cute Fry Kid mix and match Happy Meal toys. Right on time for planning out this little project! Did you ever have these? These three are just a fraction of the pieces and combinations that you can make with them.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Now, I'm not entirely sure if kids these days know who these characters are. These are probably more recognizable for those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s. But I still think that they are cute and fun no mattern what. Kind of like silly monsters!

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

You will need:
Wool blend felt in a variety of colors
Embroidery floss in matching colors, plus black
Buttons (optional)
Embroidery needle with a large eye
Sewing clips or pins


Felt French Fry Kid Softie

For each french fry kid, cut out 4 body shapes, 2 legs (choose the length you want!), 2 of each shoe, and 1 of each toe. If you want to add a bow or two, cut those out too.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Embroider a face on one of the body pieces. I used all six strands of black embroidery thread and used satin stitch for the eyes and a scallop stitch for the mouth. You could also sew on black buttons or paint the face with acrylic paint!

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Cut a fringe along the bottom of each of the body pieces. Try not to cut them all exactly the same.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Match a toe with a shoe piece and stitch the straight line in the middle of the shoe, but not the edges yet.

Next, place another shoe piece behind and sew around the toe. I used six strands of embroidery floss and running stitch for all of this.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Place a leg piece between the layers of the shoe, then sew around the rest of the shoe. Sew the other shoe and leg the same way.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Place the legs on one of the body pieces and stitch them in place.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Layer the body pieces together. Make sure the piece with the legs is in the middle and the piece with the face is on the top. Hold the pieces in place with sewing clips or pins.

Sew around the top of the body pieces, stitching through all the layers.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Now, give your french fry kid a haircut! Trim the fringe so it's not all the same length. I alternated long and short, and trimmed all the layers just a little.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

If you want to give your fry kid some pig tails, use a button to sew on the center of each bow.

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

Your french fry kids are ready to play!

One of the fun things I remember about the fry kid toys, commercials, and animated shows is that they often had fun accessories. More than just bows! You can do the same thing with these and craft some different kinds of shoes, glasses, or other things. I bet they could even "hold" some felt objects in their fringe!

Felt French Fry Kid Softie

And while they won't stand on their own, they can sit, even without leaning on something. Just use the fringe to give them a bit of a base.

Have fun mixing and matching the colors and heights on your fry kids and enjoy this silly journey to McDonaldland!

pattern // big burger house cross stitch

Big Burger House Cross Stitch

It's time for another free Kawaii Crossing chart! The Big Burger House is all ready to cross stitch. Yay!

There's probably something extra special in this one because it brings a whole bunch of childhood memories together. In my post about the matching embroidery pattern, I mentioned that my dad used to work for McDonald's, and my mom did too! There was a lot of car time, and she often worked on cross stitch (and candlewicking!) while in the passenger seat.

I don't remember if she ever cross stitched any McDonald's designs, but if this burger had been available all those years ago, she might have.

Before you download this chart, I do want to point out one thing. All the rest of the Kawaii Crossing houses have the same bottom edge so they sit on a line (or the grass!). If you're stitching them all together, they line up like houses in a neighborhood. Because this has a welcome mat, you'll need to make sure that the bottom of the house is in line with your other houses.

This is also another design with a tiny face on the flower box. To keep the eyes from being too small, make the french knots with just a single wrap or do a double wrap with a single strand of thread.

pattern // big burger house embroidery design

Kawaii Crossing Big Burger House Embroidery Pattern

The embroidered town of Kawaii Crossing is about to get bigger with a Big Burger House! This latest free embroidery pattern is definitely the cutest cheeseburger you can live in. And I know these things.

Every house I've been adding to this collection has had a special meaning to me, and many have had a childhood connection. In this case, it takes me back to McDonaldland. When I was growing up, my dad worked for McDonald's and I spent lots of time visiting lots of restaurants under the golden arches. This was my childhood. Recently I met someone who also has the same kind of McDonald's memories as me and we had so much fun chatting!

This house isn't a specific McDonald's burger, although it's similar to a few they've offered (the McDLT comes to mind!). Instead, it's a homage to them all. It's certainly not the kind of burger you could literally climb into in the McDonald's Playland. But let me tell you, I LOVED the Big Mac Climber.

So anyway, that's what this month's Kawaii Crossing house is all about. Of course, the cross stitch version will come soon and there will be another related project or two as well. I love a theme!

For now, get started on some embroidery. The smaller version doesn't have the word "welcome" on the mat, but is just a pickle. You could do the same on the larger version if you want. Otherwise, stitch that bit with just one or two strands.

If you want to stitch this in felt applique (because that would look awesome!) each month I share a version that's ready for piecing over on Ko-Fi. Contributions really do help keep things going over here, and each one is so appreciated.

review + giveaway + pattern // doodle stitching one-hour embroidery


Hello, Friends and Fans of Aimee Ray! Welcome to the latest stop in the Doodle Stitching 1-Hour Embroidery Tour! You don't have to stay a whole hour, but if you did, you'd be able to make one of the projects in Aimee's 10th book in this series.

I've been a fan of the Doodle Stitching books since the very first one. When I had the opportunity to work on some projects for a couple of them, I was elated. And I've been so happy to share about others here on my blog. This new title is especially delightful to me because it's a book I kinda wish I had written (and I say that in a completely non-jealous way). It truly makes me want to cheer Aimee on even more. AND give away an E-book copy of 1-Hour Stitching!


Doodle Stitching 1-Hour Embroidery embodies what I fell in love with about embroidery early on. That you can stitch something small and cute in hardly no time at all. Each of the projects in this book uses tiny motifs, which means creating a special gift or fun thing just for you doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Even if you're new to embroidery!

You can stitch up some decorations, gift tags, accessories, and so much more. Anyone who knows me will also not be surprised that I love the coffee cup coasters. Because...coffee.


The little felt critters are so very Aimee Ray, and I love seeing these in one of her books. What you don't see here, but that I also really want to try is the embroidered leaves project. Anytime I can stitch on something unusual, I go for it!


Part of the blog tour for 1-Hour Embroidery is a giveaway for a copy of the E-book, but Aimee is also sharing a few patterns from the book for everyone to enjoy. Yay! How sweet are these little houses? And if you like stitching, I know these stitching designs will also be a good fit. You can see one of them on the little needle minder in one of the photos above!

Now, how about a giveaway? Leave a comment telling what your favorite Doodle Stitching book has been, or if this series is new to you! But then enter via the RaffleCopter giveaway box (we need your email to send the winner their prize and this makes it easier to keep that info out of the comments!). The giveaway ends at midnight Chicago time, July 8, 2021.

And then be sure to visit the other stops on the tour, where you can enter the giveaways there for more chances. You'll also find some fun tutorials, Q and As, and more!

calendar // big burger house wallpapers

Just a quick little post today to drop some links for you. Because it's a new month tomorrow and we're celebrating July with a big burger house on some calendar wallpapers!

Things are bustling over here in Wild Olive Land, so I'm not going to talk about this month's design just yet, but grab a free wallpaper for now:

What I will say is that I get to participate in two fun blog hops this month, so check back for plenty of July goodness!

Also, even though it's July, it's also a good time to think about a holiday that will be here before we know it...

Not So Spooky Stitching Club

HALLOWEEN! If you haven't already, be sure to take a look at the Not So Spooky Stitching Club. It starts July 6 so you have plenty of time to make something fun for October. Sign up in my Etsy Shop.

pattern // charming hot air balloon house embroidery design

Charming Hot Air Balloon House Stitching Pattern

This is not the first hot air balloon embroidery pattern that I've designed, nor will it be the last. But it is the first one designed to have someone live inside it. And I like that. It's the perfect addition to a little embroidered neighborhood of kawaii houses (and shops!)

As with all my Kawaii Crossing patterns, this is free for you in the PDF there are two sizes, along with color suggestions. I don't have stitches listed in the PDF, but you can use your favorite stitches here. I do have a few lines on there that are thicker, and I suggest using either more strands or a thicker stitch like chain stitch for those.

I didn't embroider this version, but I did stitch the felt applique version, and you can get some ideas for stitching from that.

Charming Hot Air Balloon House Stitching Pattern

You can see how I used chain stitch for the ladder and lamp post, and I went for one long stitch for the ropes holding the basket and tying the balloon house down. Would I typically suggest super long stitches like this? No. But it absolutely works here!

You can use the free embroidery pattern to make yours with felt, or for those who support me via Ko-Fi, I created a version that's all ready for applique. Yay!

pattern // charming hot air balloon cross stitch

Charming Hot Air Balloon House Cross Stitch Chart

Who wants to be the first to cross stitch this Charming Hot Air Balloon House? I think it may be you! My newest free pattern is ready for you to download and I can't wait to see this one all finished. (I've been working on making the applique version this month, but this one is tempting me too!)

When I introduced this month's house, I mentioned a toy that I loved called Charmkins. These little people figures were charms that you could wear on a bracelet or necklace, as well as attach to elements on the toys. For example, there was a windmill which had hooks for the Charmkins. They were so cute, and definitely formational for me and my style.

At some point, they had a little pamphlet or ad on the back of a box showing a hot air balloon. I was smitten.

Alas, it was apparently only a proto-type, and they never widely released it. I wanted it so bad, and remember that as long as those toys existed, my mom would always check for it. I've seen mention of the elusive Charmkins hot air balloon online, and recently saw someone who was selling what is believed to be a figure shown with the prototype. It's a sheep, and even as an adult it makes me want it all the more.

Instead, I designed this Kawaii Crossing house, and I think we can all agree that a sheep lives here. And when this sheep's house isn't tethered, it flies over the fields where all the other sheep live.

calendar // charming hot air balloon house wallpaper

For June we're going up, up, and away in a Kawaii Crossing hot air balloon house! Naturally, we're starting with some calendar wallpapers sized for all your digital devices.

This house is basically like a tree house without the tree. You step up a ladder to reach the door that's the balloon part. Now, I didn't give this any windows, other than the one in the door, but I'd like to think that there's a skylight up top that you just can't see.

There's a very special reason why I went with this house, but before I tell you the connection, grab a free wallpaper:

Just like the last few houses, this was inspired by one of my childhood memories: Charmkins. I loved those little toys and if you're a child of the 80s, you may remember them. You may NOT necessarily remember a hot air balloon, and that's exactly why I chose it for this.

To make this fun, I'd love to hear from you. First, do you know what Charmkins are? Did you play with them as a kid? And Next, do you know the significance of the hot air balloon? I'll share more when I post the matching pattern!

pattern // sweet strawberry house cross stitch

Sweet Strawberry House Cross Stitch

Get yourself ready to stitch the cutest little strawberry basket house you have ever seen! This free cross stitch chart is super easy and fun to stitch. And, while it's the perfect addition to the town of Kawaii Crossing (and it's growing collection of houses and shops), I find it to be adorable all on its own.

Pop it into a 3-inch embroidery hoop or trim it down and attach it to a card! Personally, I think it would be nice as a patch or pin, so that's what I'll be aiming to do.

Sweet Strawberry House Cross Stitch

Now, when you zoom in close, you may notice that one of the eyes is a little, well, wobbly. Does this bother me that I didn't get that French knot just right even though I've stitched thousands of them? Yes, of course. Am I undoing it to fix it? No, I am not.

Because it's JUST FINE to have imperfections in your work.

Also, if you look closely you'll see two colors of yellow for the basket. It's a lot more subtle that then chart will suggest, and if you want to see the basket weaving more, I'd suggest a darker yellow than DMC 743. But the similar shades make it more like a texture.

Also, while we're talking cross stitch (and embroidery a bit with those French knots), I uploaded a new video to YouTube showing how I start my cross stitch without a knot. I use this for embroidery sometimes too! It's so easy and if you've never seen or tried this method, you need to. It'll change your stitching life.

Sweet Strawberry House Cross Stitch

Okay, that's enough of all that. Let's get you this new free pattern!

If you'd like to stitch the other houses in this series, you'll find them by looking through the house posts from this year. You can also find the full shops chart from last year (set up in rows with streets!) in this post. Fun fact, I still haven't finished stitching that. Oh, and if you like the little streets that the shops are on, the houses all fit in the same spaces as the shops. You just need to fill in gaps with grass. Here's a link to the almost blank streets you can use!

printable // berry sweet strawberry coloring page

You're Berry Sweet Strawberry Coloring Picture

What's better than biting into a fresh, sweet strawberry? Coloring one of course! In this case, you can color a bunch of very happy berries with this free printable coloring page.

Now, before we get to the download link, I need to share something that may be slightly morbid. Because let's face it...these strawberries have faces on them. That gives them personalities. And then we're supposed to eat them? No. In fact, I think that may be why they're so happy. The berries with gleeful looks on them have leapt free from the berry basket and those left behind are, well, there for the taking. Does them not having faces make them easier to eat? I do think so and maybe that means I've chosen to save the lives of some berries and not the others simply by how I drew them.

Clearly I have some deep thoughts about strawberries.

Before I take this any further, let's move along to your actual download. Because I know you're ready to start coloring some strawberries!

If you or your little ones take some time to color this, tag me on Instagram (I'm @molliejohanson) and I'll share it for all to see!