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pattern // triple star (perfect for a summer table runner!)

Triple Star Bandana Runner

Celebrate summer with a super easy embroidered table runner! This free Triple Star embroidery pattern is perfect to stitch onto table linens and lots of other things too. Stars are a patriotic symbol, but depending on the colors you use, they can just be cute.

I'm showing off my pattern on table runner that I made with literally two simple hems. That's because it's made with toweling. This material comes by the yard and the sides are pre-hemmed. That's because it's designed for making, well, towels. Of course, you can do so much more with it!

Triple Heart Bandana Towel

Back in February I showed how I hemmed and embroidered the toweling to make some towels with a Triple Heart design. The "triple heart" and now "triple star" idea comes from ranches with similar names because the bandana print feels very dude ranch to me.

The bandana toweling I used for both the kitchen towels and the table runner was provided by Missouri Star Quilt Co., and they have it in several colors. They also have other toweling with some very cute fabric patterns. If you order from MSQC and use this (affiliate) link, you'll save 20% on orders over $50, while supporting the work I do.

The process for making the table runner is pretty much the same. The only difference is the length. To make the runner, I used two yards of toweling and left it UNCUT. The towels were two yards cut into three towels.

After you trim the ends to make sure they are straight, you just double fold the ends and stitch across. Add the embroidery, and you're done! You end up with a runner that's about 18x70 inches.

Triple Star Bandana Runner

I haven't embroidered my runner just yet, but I didn't want to wait any longer to share this pattern and idea with you. At least I've done the hemming, right?

Now, as I sit here thinking about this delightfully easy material to make things with, I'm considering more uses. Placemats would be fun because you'd just need to cut the fabric down to 12 inch pieces. And I've been considering making some narrow curtains too.

Of course, any simple project where you can add embroidery is a good idea in my book!


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