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the loveliest day...

You know those friends that you don't see very often, but when you do, it's like no time has passed? That's what I experienced yesterday. The surprising part is that it was with someone that I had never met in "real life" before.

YIP2010 - 231

Illustrator, blogger and oh so charming Brit, Katie Green was in town for a wedding, and we met up for the loveliest day. Along for the ride was Katie's wonderful (and patient!) boyfriend Luke. We all had such fun!


We started with some amazing Thai food, and a very appropriate fortune.

Then on to the yarn shop, and then, oh my goodness, the best needlework shop ever. I am shocked that I never have gone there until yesterday. (Mind you, this will be a very dangerous place for me to go from now on...) Take a look (and forgive the photos that are a little out of focus...I wasn't sure how discreet I needed to be):

floss heaven

floss heaven

Drawers of floss have always been a favorite of mine, and I remember not being allowed to touch them when I was young. Luke asked me if the pictures were to show my mom that I had opened so many at once!

floss heaven

Whoa. But wait, it gets better:

floss heaven

Keep breathing! The shop is Designer's Desk, and they have over 200 complete lines of floss. Seriously, I could faint. The most amazing thing is that I only spent around $8.

I wish that I had taken more photos throughout the day, but we were just too busy enjoying the time. We even got in some delicious cold drinks and a few games of Boggle. (Katie is queen at this game, although I'm still not sure that I trust their "English" English words...) And, AND, she brought me copies of her zine, The Green Bean. It is a delight, and I will be pouring over them for a long time!

Thank you, Katie, for being such a wonderful blog (and now "real life") friend. You are too sweet! Hugs to both you and Luke!


  1. Sounds like you had fun! And a shop that carries over 200 complete lines of floss?!?!? I can't even imagine.

  2. I'm breathing into a paper bag!!! That is beautiful.

  3. I met a blog friend for lunch on Thursday...pure bliss :) And all that floss, WOW!!


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