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5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Photo 57

FIVE...blogs I'm loving: Parcel Post, our hartbeat, Fossil, Between the Lines, & Lomurella

FOUR...things I'm thinking about: Baking, Sugar Gliders, Memories, The Last Week of Class

THREE...items I really like: Fancy Pins, A Handy Lens Cap, & A Lined Towel

TWO...songs I've been enjoying: Let My Love Open the Door & Hey Ya

ONE...thing I will do today: Try not to panic at all that I need to get done

Care to play along? Come up with five things to number off, and be sure to leave a link here!


  1. What a fun prompt! :) I participated!

  2. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Here is my 5

  3. Molly, the count down was interesting enough and I did think about making a list. But somebody else emailed about something that needs my attenion, but before I go there is something here that caught my eye and I have to know........what are sugar glyders? something good to bake/eat?

  4. Cyndi: First off, I realized that I misspelled it. They are Sugar Gliders (with an I), and they are little animals. Kind of like a flying squirrel, and you can keep them as pets! If you do a Google image search for sugar glider, you'll see how cute they are...

  5. thanks a lot for including me on your list. I`m glad you liked my work as i like yours!
    Greetings from Mèxico :D

  6. I haven't thought of sugar gliders for years! The thought of carrying a pet in one's pocket is always enchanting. Equally so is the fact that they are quite shy.

    I did enjoy reading your list. :) Also...please do come over after I get done unpacking! Should be soonish and I'll make you a breakfast cake made with olive oil instead of butter. Mmmmm...

  7. I shall have to check out the blogs you recommend. :-)

    And baking sounds lovely! I might do some of that myself!!

  8. This was awesome! Thanks for the new blogs to check out.


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