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pattern // remember me communion embroidery pattern

Remember Me Embroidery Pattern

Remember Me. This embroidery pattern is a celebration of Jesus' last supper with his friends and our celebration of communion. It's Good Friday as I publish this, but this is a reminder for all of time. To me, that makes it worth stitching!

When Jesus broke bread and passed the cup, he said "Do this in remembrance of me." It was a directive to have a sort of memorial to God. But also it is about remembering who Jesus is and what he did and does. I don't know about you, but I forget. Like, every day. All of the things that I'm juggling in life and all of the things swirling around us in the world make it easy for me to forget.

Remembering Jesus is the thing that refocuses what it's all about.

When we receive communion in church, it's usually more formal. And that's great! But whenever we gather and share a meal, it's a perfect time to remember Jesus. Whenever we breathe a fresh breath it's a great time! But since Jesus' words were around a meal, I chose to include the bread and cup on my pattern.

Remember Me Embroidery Pattern

I also chose to embroider the design on a kitchen towel that will work well in a bread basket. My mom often grabs a fresh cloth napkin or towel to line a basket for a meal, and my hope is that this will be the go-to bread towel now. Not just for special occasions, but for regular meals. (She thinks it may be too nice for all the regular washing, but I'm not gonna let that stop me from making use of this!)

I placed the embroidery at one corner of the towel and stitched it on a 45-degree angle. All of the stitching was with six strands of embroidery floss. Most of the lines are backstitch, the word "Me" is chain stitch, and I used french knots for all the dots and the eyes. The mouths are scallop stitch.

Of course, you can make adjustments and stitch this on whatever you'd like and however you'd like!

By the way, I started and ended all this embroidery with knots. Very tight and secure knots. And I also wove the tails (both and beginning and end) through the backs of the stitches. I want this thing to not come undone, but also, if I have to go back and fix it over time, that's fine. I'm also prepared to make another one. I have a feeling the towel will get more wear than the stitching!


If you like this design but don't want to or aren't able to stitch it, I created a printable version that is available to those who support me on Ko-Fi. You can leave a one-time tip or you can join the Ko-Fi Klatsch, which has new content added every month! The printable is a 5x7-inch piece of art that you can print at home and add to a frame.

Whether you choose to stitch (or print!) this for a special time of communion (it might make a nice first communion gift!) or for your everyday meals, my hope is that as you make and enjoy this, you would remember Jesus and how much he loves you.

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  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Absolutely adorable and so moving. Thank you for testifying of Him and for sharing this reminder. I love the idea that this can be shared with every meal.


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