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pattern // cam the corgi embroidery

Cam The Corgi Embroidery Pattern

It seems that corgis are everywhere, and now Cam the Corgi can be in your embroidery hoop!

Since my brother got a corgi, they pop up in my Instagram feed, walk by my house, show up on socks at Target, and I don't know what else. Certainly they were present at the Queen's Jubilee earlier this month. I'm not sure if I'm seeing them more because I'm more aware of them (like when you get a new car and then you see the same kind of car everywhere you go) or if they're just really popular. At any rate, I'm adding to that with this month's embroidery pattern.

Cam the corgi plays the guitar (he doesn't need a pick because his clickety clack nails are good at pickety picking the strings). He also awooooooos, which is why his mouth is open! On this pattern, I made the nose and mouth as outlines, but I'd recommend stitching those two elements with satin stitch so they are all filled in. The notes would also look great filled with satin stitch.

As I was planning out the months for my Kawaii Crossing residents, there's one thing that I definitely didn't think about. In May, we were introduced to Kay the Kitty. Now in June, it's Cam the Corgi. A cat, followed by a dog means they are next to each other in the sampler frame that I made. Is that a problem? My cat and my brother's dog don't get along, but I'd like to think that Kay and Cam are friends. After all, they live in Kawaii Crossing so it's all just cute!

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