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calendar // pam the panda wallpaper

Better late than never, the latest Kawaii Crossing wallpaper is here for July! If you've known many artists, you probably know that they can get a little caught up in their work (or distracted from it!) and that's exactly what happened with Pam the Panda and yours truly. Pam has been painting all kinds of new pieces of artwork and I've been working behind the scenes on secret projects. That's caused a few things (like all things blog related!) to take a pause.

This is pretty typical for Pam the Panda. Kawaii Crossing residents often see her lights on late at night as she works on new pieces of art. And—no surprise—her walls are covered with beautifully painted canvases!

Now, since it's already after July 1, we had better hurry to get these wallpapers added to our screens. Grab the size you need!

By the way, have you ever seen folks on Instagram who add a "month marker"? It's basically a post that shows the name of the month on it. It's a way to easily spot the passing of time as you scroll through your grid. I use these wallpapers for those, and you're welcome to as well!

Oh, and if you're wondering if you missed the June Cam the Corgi cross stitch pattern, it's one of the things that paused for me in June. But it will be coming your way at the same time as the Pam cross stitch this month. Now, July is set to be a full month...I'm off to work on more behind the scenes!


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