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cross stitch celebrations // bundle of joy!

Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy!

Today I welcomed a new book to the family! Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy! is my newest stitching book and my first cross stitch book. It's a way to stitch, celebrate, and welcome new babies into the world, and it's bringing me so much joy to know that this book is finally here.

One year ago today (it's true...I checked!) I got my first peek at what this book would be. It started with an idea that wasn't mine but the start of something fun. The final product is a little different than what was in that original idea because that's how these things happen. And I love it.

The main idea for Bundle of Joy! is a book that helps you create birth announcements. Like this one:

Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy!

Birth (or adoption) announcements usually have the baby's name, birthdate, their size, etc. They are framed and treasured, often having a special place in the nursery. The book shows you several ways to design and frame a piece like this, although this version happens to be my favorite!

The other main element of this mix-and-match pattern book is, well, the mix-and-match part. Making a custom cross stitch piece for a new baby requires making it your own. So not only does it include patterns elements, but it also helps guide you through the process of putting everything together. Yes, you really can design your own cross stitch project!

There are four main pattern components to work with: baby animals, borders, alphabets, and mini motifs. The bunnies you see above are a customized version of one of the animal patterns, and of course all of the text is ready for whatever information you want to include.

Now, if the wrapped canvas announcement you see above is my favorite project, let me show you my favorite individual elements:

Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy!

While I love small furry creatures (I do own two guinea pigs and a kitty!), the baby dinosaur is by far my favorite animal pattern in Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy! What's not to love about this? I especially like that you can make your dinosaur any color you like.

Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy!

This gingham border, inspired by baby quilts, took me the longest to stitch and it was so worth it. In fact, I'd happily stitch it all over again in every color of the rainbow. In fact, cross stitching gingham could become my next hobby. Yes, it's specific, but it's really that wonderful.

Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy!

Cross stitching birth announcements may be the primary focus of Bundle of Joy!, but you can use the charts in different ways and to make different things, like small gifts or even tags. There are ideas for gifts towards the back, and this one is an example of that. Since Wild Olive is my blog, this Olivia tag was a nod to that!

Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy!

Finally, since I think things are better with faces, a few of the mini motifs in the book are very signature Mollie. And the little tri-color rainbow is my favorite (with the heart as a close second!). What's not to love about a happy little rainbow? By the way, these are helpful as spacers in larger projects, or for making cute tiny things too!

Now, going back to designing your own project and customizing the patterns. The easiest way to do that is on real paper with a pencil (and a felt-tip pen!), and in the book there's a grid you can use. To make it even easier, I have a printable PDF version here for you to use! It's exactly the same size as what is on the last page. No need to scan it or sketch right in your copy!

I am so excited that Cross Stitch Celebrations: Bundle of Joy! is here, and so thankful to all who have pre-ordered their copy. I'm especially thankful to the folks who helped make it all happen: My dear friend Haley, Kate McKean, Cassandra and the entire team at Walter Foster Quarto Creates, my patient family, and my sister Grace who stitched so many samples with me and lent her hands to the the cross stitch basics section.

Happy Stitching!

PS: Want to see a quick flip through? Watch my Instagram Reel!

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  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Congratulations on the book Mollie - looks fabulous!
    And I agree - I love the gingham border - it is so effective!


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