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pattern // pam the panda + cam the corgi cross stitch


Pam the Panda, Kawaii Crossing's resident artist, is ready for you to cross stitch! And I know that folks were looking for Cam the Corgi last month, but I fell behind. So Cam is here too!

I've had a whirlwind of action behind the scenes over here. In fact, my sister and I have both been busy stitching secret things and that's relevant because Pam the Panda is inspired by my sister! She is an artist (I refer to her room as a gallery) and she also LOVES pandas. I couldn't help but make a Kawaii Crossing friend for her!


And here's Cam! We're going to pretend that he was rehearsing his awoooo's for you, instead of this lateness being about me not making the pattern sooner. If you're new to the Kawaii Crossing residents series, these are the 6th and 7th patterns. You can find them all (as well as the embroidery versions) by clicking this link. There's also a border you can stitch make it a large sampler, and it's yours with a one-time or ongoing donation to my Ko-Fi fund.


  1. Just love hearing the stories and inspirations for our little friends!

  2. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Would love to make the wet match baby quilt I just made!


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