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calendar // cam the corgi wallpaper

Awooooooo! Get your screens ready for a new June wallpaper! Cam the Corgi is Kawaii Crossing's resident musician and he likes to play the guitar and sing. The other animal friends really enjoy the playing and singing, except when he starts awooooo-ing in the middle of the night. Of course, they're all too kind to start yelling!

With that little introduction done, I do have to say that I cannot believe that June is here already. I say that a lot, but I feel it more and more lately. My days are not super rushed (something I've intentionally taken steps toward!), and I regularly have rich, full moments with the people I love. But I still could use an evening of sitting and listening to Cam play the guitar and sing some awooos. How about you?

Since we can't pause time, I suppose it's best to embrace it. Starting with adding this new wallpaper to your desktop, phone, or tablet. Grab what you need below!

So many of the Kawaii Crossing residents have some sort of "real life" inspiration and Cam is a combination of my musician brother and his pet Corgi. I still haven't heard Murphee properly awooo (they live across the country), but I at least like to think that the two of them have some super cute jam sessions!


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