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introducing the 2020 holiday stitching club

Days like today always get me excited. Why, you ask? Because I have a new stitching club to share with you. It's filled with embroidery, English paper piecing, and Christmas!

Five years ago I released the Holiday Stitching Club and dated it 2015, planning to release more...maybe each year. You may have noticed that didn't exactly happen. Sure, I've released Christmas patterns since then, and even some that were stitching clubs of sorts, but not the embroidery/EPP combination I love.

This year, that needed to change, so I present to you, Wild Olive's 2020 Holiday Stitching Club!

Wild Olive's 2020 Holiday Stitching Club

Unlike my previous clubs, this one is coming to you all at once. No need to wait for an email each week because you can jump right in with all the patterns! Of course, you can work on a design each week, stretch it out longer, or zip right through it. The choice is up to you!

But here's the basic idea: four Christmas characters as embroidery patterns, and each of them fits inside an EPP snow globe, and they all come together as a mini quilt.

Wild Olive's 2020 Holiday Stitching Club Wild Olive's 2020 Holiday Stitching Club

The complete PDF includes a materials list, tips, basic assembly instructions, printable EPP templates, and embroidery patterns. It doesn't go into the specifics of how to embroidery or do English paper piecing and other quilting skills. 

If you've done any of my clubs before, you already know what you need to know. I'm also planning to create videos showing more of these basic skills, hopefully a few of those will be coming along even as you start to stitch your project!

Wild Olive's 2020 Holiday Stitching Club

I'll also be hosting a stitch-a-long on Instagram so you can still work week by week on this like my other clubs. Because the community and connecting with others is half the fun!

Now, who's ready for some holiday stitching? 

As always, if you have any questions, reach out in the comments!

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  1. So cute! I'm still working on piecing together the summer reading club bag, but I think I will take a break and switch to Christmas sewing! This is so adorable! I'm hoping I have everything I need on hand for it. A friend gave me a big stash of embroidery floss that she didn't want anymore, so I should be able to pick colours from there.


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