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video // stitching faces with french knots and scallop stitch

Something's happened that I didn't expect to happen. I started a YouTube channel. At least, sort of. Right now it looks like a first video on how to stitch the little Wild Olive faces we know and love.

I've wanted to add to, update, and upgrade my stitching tutorials for a while. It's time for a refresh on my Embroidery Basics, but I also don't have any basic guides for cross stitch (which has become a favorite) and English paper piecing. That last one is especially dear to me, and I barely have anything here on my blog that just covers the process of basting and piecing.

If you have any techniques or other kinds of things you'd like to see and hear from me (on video!), let me know in the comments.

My goal is to keep this short and simple, but also fun.

With that in mind, this isn't a grand announcement, but I also thought you'd like to know that, well, I'm officially now on YouTube.


  1. Finishing an EPP quilt with an uneven edge (so without cutting it straight).

  2. Congratulations! And, what a great little video it is!


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