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pattern // mini seashells cross stitch

Mini Shell Cross Stitch Patterns Summer time is coming which means doing some cross stitch outside in the warm weather! And when I think of summer, seashells often come to mind. That and a whole lot of tropical beach things (even if I don't really love the beach).

Now, for all those other summer things, I released a new cross stitch pattern called Summer Vibes, which you can find in my Etsy shop. It has a larger seashell in the set, but I thought it would be fun to have a few smaller patterns too.

So today I'm sharing a set of three mini shell designs. These are all on one chart and you can stitch them in a little group, or you can cross stitch them individually as you seen above. They are pretty small, so they take hardly any time to stitch!

Mini Shell Cross Stitch Patterns

I think they would be adorable on something like a sunglasses case or as a tag on your favorite beach bag.

They use only whole cross stitches, so even beginners can jump right in. The faces use a tiny bit of backstitch and French knots, so if those aren't as familiar to you, you can skip the faces. Or let this be the time you learn how to stitch them!

And if cross stitch isn't really your thing, but you're looking for a under the sea sort of embroidery design, be sure to check out my free embroidery pattern based on lyrics from The Little Mermaid's song Part of Your World!

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