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Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

Disney's live action The Little Mermaid comes to theaters this week and I just couldn't help but make an embroidery pattern featuring one of the song lyrics. Ready to Stand comes from the song Part of Your World and while Ariel definitely sings about wanting to be human and literally stand instead of flipping her fins, she's clearly singing about standing up for herself being her own person.

And when a quote jumps out at me from a favorite movie or song, my first thought is to stitch it!

Really quick, let me just tell you how much I love The Little Mermaid. I mean, I love lots of Disney characters probably just as much, but when I was younger I spent my summers in the pool. And do you know what that meant?

LOTS of hair flipping.

My friends and I would throw ourselves up and out of the water trying to get exactly the right kind of hair flip that Ariel did. I don't remember if I ever got it spot on, but I do remember having a lot of wet hair stuck to my face!

Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

When it came to creating my pattern, I didn't include any of the actual characters from the film on my design, but I do have a purple seashell because...well...that's a key Ariel sort of thing.

Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

The other little motifs sort of feel a bit more like they'd go with the song Under the Sea (life is the bubbles!), but they felt right. And pink bubbles with my little kawaii faces? It had to be done.

Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

For the text and the tiny bubble I used stitches that I don't use very often: coral stitch and circle/polka-dot stitch. Both can take a little practice, but they make a really nice addition to this, I think.

And just to try something a little different, I also have a video showing the process of stitching up this pattern. It's one part tutorial and one part stitch along with me. My hope is that it is both helpful and fun to watch!

Ready to Stand Embroidery Pattern

Now, how about that pattern? If you want to use an iron-transfer pen, just print the pattern and tape tape it to a window with the back of the paper facing you so you can trace it reversed. This is set up as simple outline pattern, so you can choose your own colors. But the colors I used are in there too if you'd like

What's something you're ready to stand for?


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