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pattern // loth-cat cross stitch chart

Loth-Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

If you've been watching the new Ahsoka show on Disney+ or if you're a fan of animated Star Wars series, you might be familiar with Loth-Cats. My sister loves them, so I created a cross stitch pattern so I could make her a cute little hoop, and now I'm sharing the pattern with you!

Interestingly enough, my sister was introduced to this adorable furry creature at the Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World. They have one there that sleeps and snores in one of the shops, but it's in a cage so you can't touch it. Of course, they also sell a stuffed toy version that you can pet (it purrs!) and take home with you. My sister has played with this thing so many times but it's kinda big to carry home and so has resisted the purchase. My plan goal is to convince her that she just needs this thing.

Loth-Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

Anyway, I couldn't resist the urge to stitch a loth-cat and so here we are.

I love making Star Wars related patterns, and the timing of Ahsoka coming out near my sister's birthday made this perfect. Previously I made my brother an Ahsoka Tano neck pillow, but there are lots of other Star Wars patterns for making soft toys, embroidery, and cross stitch all here on my blog.

Loth-Cat Cross Stitch Pattern
Loth-Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

This is a pretty easy pattern to stitch. Not many colors, and only whole cross stitches with the teeniest amount of back stitch.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could easily change the colors and the fur markings because these creatures are not all the same. I especially like the lighter colored ones that look like they might belong on a snow-covered planet. I went for the markings that match the plush that my sister loves!

Loth-Cat Cross Stitch Pattern As a reminder, I make these Star Wars patterns just for fun because I love them and so do my family members. The characters are owned by LucasArts, so you shouln't sell any of the things you make with these patterns. But you SHOULD stitch them up and enjoy them!


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