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pattern // remember me floral embroidery design

Remember Me Embroidery Pattern

Back in the spring I shared a Remember Me embroidery pattern that was connected to Jesus' last supper and communion. But when I was working on it, the song Remember Me from the Disney/Pixar film Coco kept playing in my head. I knew then that I needed to make a Coco version with flowers, and my plan was to save it for October.

Día de Muertos starts on November 1st and is a celebration and remembrance of deceased relatives, and that's a key element of the movie Coco. Flowers, and specifically marigolds are an iconic part of the celebration and they are used for LOTS of decoration. I'm not going to claim to know a whole lot about Día de Muertos (my family is Swedish!), but I think it's beautiful.

And no matter if this holiday is part of your family heritage and tradition, if you're a big fan of Coco, or if you just want to stitch something as a reminder of a loved one, I think this is a fun pattern to embroider any time of the year.

For this design, I show some colors in the PDF, but I don't have any specific DMC colors to suggest. Use what you like for where you will display your embroidery. You may want to start with the flower colors you'll use.

At the size provided in the PDF (printing at 100%), I would suggest stitching with all six strands of embroidery floss. If you go smaller, consider using fewer strands and if you go larger, you could even use a thicker thread like DMC's soft matte cotton or tapestry wool. Obviously, you would want to make sure your fabric will accomodate anything you use.

As for stitches, I'm always a fan of the basics: back stitch outlines, french knot eyes, and a scallop mouth. The center of the two flowers would be best with lazy daisy (detached chain). And if you don't want the face, add a lazy daisy flower in the middle of the large flower. If you were to stitch this a little smaller, you could stitch the flower outlines with scallop stitch, which has a loopy effect.

Finally, if you stitch this, I think it's a wonderful project to slow down on. Take time with each stitch to think about the people you love and the ones who have gone before you. And maybe hum a few bars of Remember Me...

Want to stitch more for Día de Muertos? Check out my sugar skulls pattern with more flowers!


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