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pattern // national pizza day heart pizza for embroidery and cross stitch

A Pizza My Heart Embroidery Pattern

Did you know that February 9 is National Pizza Day? I think that's worth celebrating with some embroidery, cross stitch, and felt...and maybe also a slice of pizza? But since this is also right before Valentine's Day, I think it's so much more fun if (at least for some of this) there are heart pizzas involved.

At my house we love pizza and have a few favorite kinds, but everyone especially loves it when we make our own from scratch. It's a bit of a process, but it's worth it. And it's so much fun to come up with different flavor and topping combos. One thing I've never tried making though is a pizza in the shape of a heart. I could probably do it though, right? I'll just follow my stitching patterns as a guide!

The design you see above is actually from my pattern set called A Pizza My Heart. It has the title design, several types of pizza, a pizza delivery squirrel, different pizza toppings, and things that go well with pizza. You can find that full pattern in my Etsy shop.

But for today, wouldn't it be pretty great to go to a pizza place and they gave you a free sample? I thought so.

Heart Pizza Embroidery Pattern

If you want to embroider a heart-shaped pizza, I've got you covered! In this free download you get just the pizza shown here that you can stitch onto a card, a pin, napkins, or maybe a pot holder that you always use for pizza night!

I used back stitch for the crust and cheese outlines, and then I made the pepperoni pop by using satin stitch. You could also stitch this with different toppings if you want to get creative!

Heart Pizza Cross Stitch Pattern

But we're not gonna stop at embroidery, because it's cross stitch time! As I've made new pattern sets, I often make them in both embroidery and cross stitch, but I'm not going back and making the matching sets. As in, it's unlikely that I'll be making a Pizza My Heart cross stitch any time soon. However...

One little heart pizza chart can't hurt, right?

This is a fairly small pattern that is going to be quick to stitch and of course you can use this version in the same way you would the embroidery pattern. As a reminder, I recommend back stitching around the eyes to fill them in a little.

Pizza Pal Felt Playset

Finally, in the non-stitching, non-heart pizza area, I have a tutorial for making what I call a Pizza Pal Felt Playset. This is a set of felt pieces that kids (or adults!) can use to decorate a pizza or make all kinds of fun faces. It's so much fun to try out the different kinds of toppings. It may even inspire some homemade pizzas!

And even though this doesn't have templates for making a heart-shaped pizza pal, you absolutely could cut out a heart and make heart sauce and cheese. I think it would be so cute!

Go check out the pattern, tutorial, and accompanying printable.

Whether it's National Pizza Day or a very pizza-focused Valentine's Day, I hope you enjoy making these fun foods!


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