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wallpaper // valentine stickers for february

It's February and that means a fresh new (pink!) wallpaper for you and your devices! Like the ones I made for January, this new set of designs is not February 2023 specific, but it's still perfect for this month. But I also added a new version that does say February. I'll get to that.

First, this design, and really the style that I'm using throughout the year. I'm pulling from my youth and the pastel filled notebooks that I loved. Did you have spiral bound books of pink lined paper? I loved those. And I still have some composition books with other colors of both lined and gridded paper. They make me happy.

The other element on these of course is the art, which I styled after stickers. One of the fun facts about me is that I RARELY stick stickers on anything. This is also a holdout from my childhood, and so sticking these digital stickers on things is lots of fun for me.

Okay, so now back to the version of this month's wallpaper that says February. One of the ways that folks often use my wallpapers is not as a background or lockscreen, but as what is called a "month marker" on Instagram. These are shared in one's feed to help you divide your photos and see at a glance when things were uploaded. I've used them this way myself!

So I made three sizes of the basic Valentine wallpaper, and then I also made a Month Marker that is square, has larger art, and also says February. Feel free to upload it to your IG feed or use it when organizing your photos (I'd love a tag if you do that!)

Have a lovely February, friends!


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