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Life Day Cross Stitch Ornament

Want to turn a bit of cross stitch into a Christmas ornament? There are lots of ways to do that, but this is a quick way that is cute and doesn't require any sewing or special techniques. And I'm showing it off in almost real-time video!

Cross stitch can take some time (although when you use the sewing method, it's a lot faster), but small designs are stitchable in an evening...some even faster than that! When you pair a small design with this ornament DIY, you can create some special gifts for friends and family or add some unique decor to your tree in no time at all.

The design I used for my ornament sample is the Star Wars Life Day pattern that I shared a few weeks ago. It's not Christmas, but it kinda is. And I love it. But this tutorial obviously works with all kinds of patterns. In fact, a lot of the patterns sets I have in my Etsy shop are a perfect size, as well as all of the little free Kawaii Crossing charts and virtually every cross stitch pattern I've shared here on my blog.

Here's the basic idea of how to make these: stitch, trim, stick, trim, add a hanger. Now, watch it all come together:

The adhesive that I use is permanent fabric tape and while it doesn't always immediately stick, once you press it down well, it holds. Which means you don't want to peel it off the back of your stitching because it could damage it. Only do this when you are committed to the cross stitch being an ornament!

When I've made some embroidered ornaments on felt, I use glue, which is also permanent, but I don't recommend that here because the glue will soak through the Aida cloth. I feel so much better about this tape. That said, I haven't had the many years needed to know how this holds up long term. If you want to make an heirloom, it's better to use another finishing technique, such as sewing.

But what's stopping you now? Start stitching and making some fun ornaments for Christmas, Life Day, or any time of the year!


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