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pattern // mel the mouse cross stitch

Mel the Mouse Cross Stitch Pattern

This December is a perfect time to stitch a mouse who loves to bake cookies, so I happily present this new free cross stitch pattern! Curl up by the fireplace with a freshly-baked cookie and start stitching. (Just be sure to keep those hands clean when touching your cross stitch project!)

Speaking of clean, I know that the idea of a mouse in the kitchen, making food of any kind isn't always appealing. But Mel keeps her kitchen squeaky clean. Probably more than I do. I try to tidy up after myself, but there are always lots of bowls and oh so many spatulas around! At least Mel has me thinking about baking some Christmas cookies instead of just watching holiday baking shows where other people (or mice!) do the baking.

But now let's talk about this cross stitch pattern. When I started this series of patterns at the beginning of the year, I wanted to list the complete set of colors so you could know what was expected. And then Mel came along. I liked the idea of making her more indigo-ish, but I also wanted her to be a light tint of that. So I added an extra color for this that hasn't been used any other time in the patterns.

It's pretty light, so you may just want to use the darker DMC 156. But I do love the 3747 that I suggested here. As with all of my patterns, you can ALWAYS choose to swap in what you like!

And as I mentioned, this is part of a series of patterns that I've released through 2022. There are both embroidery and cross stitch versions of 12 animal friends, all residents of Kawaii Crossing. You can stitch them up in one large piece that fits in a ribbon border, available when you support me on Ko-Fi.

If you're not looking to make a large project, you can stitch the residents on their own and it's sill super cute! Put them in a small hoop or use my super easy cross stitch ornament tutorial to add them to your tree.

Happy stitching!


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