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pattern // sig the sheep cross stitch

Sig The Sheep Cross Stitch

It's officially time for the first free cross stitch pattern of the year! Kawaii Crossing is back again, and this time it's all about the animal friends who live in this town I created. If you downloaded my calendar for January, you already know that this month's resident is Sig the Sheep, who loves to sew quilts.

Both the cross stitch patterns and the soon-to-come embroidery versions have a few components: The animal, a few small objects that represent something they love or do, and some extra hearts and twinkles.

Now, let's pause for story time.

I've been thinking about the 2022 pattern theme for months. Even though I knew it would be a big project (or really, projects), I wanted it to be more like a sampler. And nearly a month ago I truly got started. As of today, I have stitched a total of four half stitches of Sig the Sheep.

Cross Stitching Kawaii Crossing 2022

Things just always take longer than I think they should, and clearly this is one of those things. But to be clear, it hasn't taken a month for four stitches. No, no, no. I've been working on a special border to hold each of the 12 free patterns and make it into a sampler (for both cross stitch and embroidery). Okay, so that isn't all stitched either, but it's getting there!

You can see from this that there's a ribbon, and soon to be some twinkles around the edges and as a divider between the monthly patterns. I'm so delighted with it, and it's part of the overall 11x14-inch design (when stitched on 14-count Aida) that I'll be working on throughout this year.

If you would like to just stitch Sig the Sheep, the free pattern is below. And if you'd like to create the full sampler with the border design, the pattern is available to everyone who supports me via Ko-Fi. Whether you sign up for monthly support or you simply drop $3 in the tip jar, you'll have access to this and all my Ko-Fi exclusives for 30 days. (By the way, the PDF for the border chart comes as a single page for digital viewing and a multipage version for printing.)

These little animal charts are all 40x40 and fit right into the squares on the border chart, but they will be just as cute stitched as single designs. You could even just stitch one element from the design!

Oh, and one last note before you download the free pattern. The eyes on the animals are whole cross stitches because french knots look too small here. BUT! If you just stitch the cross stitch, the X can look like dead eyes. Noooooooo!!! To fix that, you can back stitch around the eyes to fill them in a little more.

Now that we've avoided dead Kawaii Crossing residents, how about that pattern?

I can't wait to see these all stitched up, both my own and YOURS! Tag your photos #KawaiiCrossing or mention me in your post (@molliejohanson) so I can see and share. And if you have any questions, drop them in the comments or send me a message on social media.


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