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calendar // sig the sheep wallpaper

I'm a few hours early, but Happy New Year! As December ends, and January begins, we're not just flipping the calendar page, but starting a whole new fresh calendar with so many blank squares ready to fill in with good things! You know what they say...New Year, New Ewe!

Okay, so that's not really what they say, but I may have included a sheep on my January 2022 calendar just so I could make that joke. In fact, I'm not really all that into the whole resolutions and transforming oneself in the new year kind of thing. I love goals and self-improvement, but I prefer to do that day by day, week by week, and month by month.

What I do like to do each year is choose a theme for my blog art and downloads, and that means this year is another 365 days of Kawaii Crossing! But this time it's all about the residents of the town and the things they like to do. We've had shops and houses, but we really need to see who all lives here and keeps this town running!

Sig the Sheep is our first resident of the year, and she likes to sew and quilt. She doesn't own the sewing shop that was the very first Kawaii Crossing design, but she does frequent that store to buy more fabric than she knows what to do with. In fact, she's probably planning a whole bunch of new projects for the new year.

Sig would love to hang out on your favorite device all month long, so grab the file you need below.

I'm also especially excited about the stitching I have planned for this year. There's going to be embroidery and cross stitch, just like the last two years, and it's going to be something you can do as a sampler of sorts. I just have a little more to work on before I can share that. But it's coming!

Listen, I know that that last two years have been hard. We've all felt it in different ways. But there have also been good things. Some you have to look for harder than others, but they are there. And that's going to be true for 2022 as well, no matter what comes our way. For me, I know that one of those things will be drawing cute animals, stitching sweet stuff, and sharing it with you all. It's truly a joy to create.


  1. Happy New Year!
    Sig the Sheep is TOO cute! Can't wait to see who else we meet!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Greetings from Barceloba!


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