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pattern // gourdeous corn shock a-frame cross stitch

2021 October Gourdeous Corn Shock A-Frame Cross Stitch Chart

Let's get some October stitching going! For this month's free cross stitch chart, a GOURDeous corn shock A-frame (see what I did there?), I was a little nervous. There are elements in the design that could have been complicated to reduce down to a 30x30 stitch area. But guess what?

I think it actually worked!

The house itself wasn't too concerning to me, but tiny details are always hard. I think we're good with the top of the corn shocks, right? And the scarecrow, which is similar in size to the snow cat from earlier this year, came out exactly as I'd hoped.

It's been a minute since I stitched any of this year's Kawaii Crossing designs, but I have been stitching a ton behind the scenes. More on that soon. And if you're looking for the embroidery version...I'll have that ready for you soon!


  1. Sorry but I can't download the chart.

    1. Try again now. (I knew I forgot something...turns out it was checking that the link worked!)


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