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pattern // cozy cocoa house cross stitch chart

Hot Cocoa House Cross Stitch Chart

Cross stitch friends, your time has come! It's offically "share the cross stitch version of the latest Kawaii Crossing design day!" Okay, so I made that up...it's not a real holiday. I suppose you knew that though.

Anyway, let's jump into this!

I mentioned in my post with the embroidery version of this that I'm going to choose one way to stitch each house each month, and not make one big project. That's just how I need and want to work on it this time around. But that's not how YOU need to do this! There will be consistently sized patterns/charts for each house each month in 2021 so you can make them all together if you want.

At the same time, I wanted to simplify things a little as I was working on these, so I'm not making one large chart with all the houses on streets. This way I can just focus on the individual house charts and files. Buuuuut...I'm making them the same size as the shops from last year, so if you're comfortable with small changes to charts, you can use the streets from 2020 and just swap in the houses for the shops. You'll need to adjust the grass around the houses too, but I have confidence in you!

If you're really confused by how this would work, let me know and I may be able to create a little walkthrough.

Now, for that pattern! The PDF below has the thread colors in it so you don't have to guess from the sample image above.

To be fully transparent about this, I'm already feeling a little sad that I'm not cross stitching the whole thing! But I do think I'll cross stitch the next house to come out. And maybe this will also give me the opportunity to make other fun things along the way. Ideas are brewing!


  1. So that we can plan ahead, do you have a floss list for the cross stitch/embroidery patterns you're planning on for the Kawaii homes?

    1. I don't have that yet, but it will be VERY close to last year's. I changed out the light blue and added in the indigo/purple colors you see here, but I don't anticipate adding any others.

  2. I am having trouble downloading all of your patterns with the links you have provided. Are there other links I may use?

    1. Try copying and pasting this:


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!