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pattern // corn shock a-frame embroidery design

Gourdeous Corn Shock A-Frame Pattern

One of the great things about making an autumn embroidery pattern for October instead of a Halloween pattern is that when you get behind and post it the last week of the month it will still work for November too. Sigh. That's my way of saying that I'm sorry this is later than is ideal for seasonal stitching.

But also, if you stitch the teeny version, it will stitch up quick!

While we're talking about the teeny version, there are some very teeny details here. Think corn husk leaves, straw on the scarecrow, and that itty bitty face. Stitch those with just one or two strands. For the corn leaves, you can stitch them with elongated lazy daisy stitches. And when you stitch the face, wrap the french knot eyes just one time. You can do it!

Gourdeous Corn Shock A-Frame Pattern

Over on Ko-Fi, my supporters (one-time or monthly!) get a version of the pattern that's ready to go for applique. I always think of these in felt, but I think it would also be cute in quilting cotton held down with fusible web. Or maybe a mix of felt and fabric? If that's something you're interested in too, head over to Ko-Fi. It's much appreciated!

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  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    So precious! Thank you! Alisha


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