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pattern // sweet strawberry house cross stitch

Sweet Strawberry House Cross Stitch

Get yourself ready to stitch the cutest little strawberry basket house you have ever seen! This free cross stitch chart is super easy and fun to stitch. And, while it's the perfect addition to the town of Kawaii Crossing (and it's growing collection of houses and shops), I find it to be adorable all on its own.

Pop it into a 3-inch embroidery hoop or trim it down and attach it to a card! Personally, I think it would be nice as a patch or pin, so that's what I'll be aiming to do.

Sweet Strawberry House Cross Stitch

Now, when you zoom in close, you may notice that one of the eyes is a little, well, wobbly. Does this bother me that I didn't get that French knot just right even though I've stitched thousands of them? Yes, of course. Am I undoing it to fix it? No, I am not.

Because it's JUST FINE to have imperfections in your work.

Also, if you look closely you'll see two colors of yellow for the basket. It's a lot more subtle that then chart will suggest, and if you want to see the basket weaving more, I'd suggest a darker yellow than DMC 743. But the similar shades make it more like a texture.

Also, while we're talking cross stitch (and embroidery a bit with those French knots), I uploaded a new video to YouTube showing how I start my cross stitch without a knot. I use this for embroidery sometimes too! It's so easy and if you've never seen or tried this method, you need to. It'll change your stitching life.

Sweet Strawberry House Cross Stitch

Okay, that's enough of all that. Let's get you this new free pattern!

If you'd like to stitch the other houses in this series, you'll find them by looking through the house posts from this year. You can also find the full shops chart from last year (set up in rows with streets!) in this post. Fun fact, I still haven't finished stitching that. Oh, and if you like the little streets that the shops are on, the houses all fit in the same spaces as the shops. You just need to fill in gaps with grass. Here's a link to the almost blank streets you can use!


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