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printable // berry sweet strawberry coloring page

You're Berry Sweet Strawberry Coloring Picture

What's better than biting into a fresh, sweet strawberry? Coloring one of course! In this case, you can color a bunch of very happy berries with this free printable coloring page.

Now, before we get to the download link, I need to share something that may be slightly morbid. Because let's face it...these strawberries have faces on them. That gives them personalities. And then we're supposed to eat them? No. In fact, I think that may be why they're so happy. The berries with gleeful looks on them have leapt free from the berry basket and those left behind are, well, there for the taking. Does them not having faces make them easier to eat? I do think so and maybe that means I've chosen to save the lives of some berries and not the others simply by how I drew them.

Clearly I have some deep thoughts about strawberries.

Before I take this any further, let's move along to your actual download. Because I know you're ready to start coloring some strawberries!

If you or your little ones take some time to color this, tag me on Instagram (I'm @molliejohanson) and I'll share it for all to see!


  1. I love your colouring pages Mollie! Thanks for another one!

  2. Thank you!!! Sooooo sweet!!


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