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pattern // sweet strawberry house embroidery pattern

Sweet Strawberry House Embroidery Pattern

It's time for this month's free embroidery pattern: the sweet strawberry house!

As I've made these Kawaii Crossing homes, I have always tried to picture who lives in them. And I'm not sure if I've shared this or if it's just been in my head, but they all happen to be animals or people dressed as animals. This time around, I was inspired by Strawberry Shortcake (even though one version of her house was an actual strawberry, not a basket), so I can definitely picture her cat Custard living here. But like, she's wearing a cute outfit and she walks on her hind legs and shops in the little stores I made last year.

Yes, my brain really does work this way.

Okay, so before I reveal too much that may scare you away, let's get to this pattern, okay?


As I've been doing each month, I also created a version of the pattern that you can use to stitch it up with felt applique. It's available exclusively to those who support me on Ko-Fi, and when you unlock that post, you'll see what these felt colors are all about...but you can probably picture it already!

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