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pattern // kawaii crossing tree lot cross stitch + embroidery

Kawaii Crossing Cross Stitch Progress 
I definitely had a plan to finish stitching my November Kawaii Crossing pattern before starting on December, and that the whole thing would be done by now. Guess what! That didn't happen!

And when I went to take this photo I realized just how many things I have around that are evidence of why I haven't finished this yet. And it's okay. If you are in the same boat as I am and you haven't finished stitching this or a hundred other things, I'm here to say it's okay. Make things when you can and enjoy the process.

But wanting to give you a fighting chance at finishing your Kawaii Crossing street before 2021, I'm here to deliver the last patterns for both embroidery and cross stitch!
  Kawaii Crossing Tree Lot Cross Stitch Chart 
This will fit into the last spot on the street, with flowers next to it. If you haven't stitched those yet (you'll see them on the full pattern), you could add some extra Christmas trees so it looks like a fuller tree lot. 
For the embroidery version, I suggest using a thicker stitch like chain stitch for the posts holding the lights, and maybe even for the tree trunks. You'll see that shown in the color version in the PDF!

And now I need to get back to more stitching that isn't this project. But eventually (maybe early January), I'll finish mine and will post a photo here! Speaking of January, I need to make a decision about what fun year-long project to do next...


  1. Mollie,

    I got swamped with work or I would have commented earlier. I love the patterns you come up with! This year long street idea has been great. No, I'm not making it but maybe someday.
    Counted cross-stitch is completely addictive and I'm glad you discovered it. Now don't get me wrong, I also love your other ideas but cross-stitch has a special place in my heart. My grandmother taught me when I was 15 or so. Before that I loved needlepoint but once I found cross-stitch I was hooked.
    My mother crocheted but that I struggled with.
    So anyhow, thank you for all your hard work and efforts creating and designing. It is appreciated.
    Merry Christmas!


  2. Thank for your adorable pattern series. I'm so glad that you did both cross stitch and embroidery. I'm much more likely to finish the embroidery! I did lots of xstitch in the 80s but don't have the time now and embroidery is my favorite. I started when I was 10 with those jiffy kits. If I do get time kawaii crossing is at the top of my list! Just watching each pattern coming out was a highlight during this stressful year.


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