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pattern // fun mushroom house embroidery design

Mushroom House Embroidery Pattern

It's time for this fun mushroom to make its way to your embroidery hoop! Yes, this month's free pattern is here.

This is one of those times when I decided that I just couldn't stitch any version of the March designs (cross stitch, embroidery, or some other technique). In fact, at one point I thought it would be sooooo cute to paint it using the same method I used for my little mini paintings. And so while I haven't done that yet, you absolutely could.

I'd also say that this is a good pattern to play with colors. I made the mushroom house green because March just seems to scream at me "USE GREEN BECAUSE OF ST. PATRICK'S DAY!" But of course, it's now past St. Patrick's Day, so you should feel no obligation to use my original colors here. Go for a traditional red mushroom, or make it some other colorful shade. Fungi come in so many amazing hues!

I'm also creating patterns that you can use to do these designs as felt applique, and they're available to those who've supported me recetntly on Ko-Fi. Click below to access the ready to cut pattern for stitching these with felt pieces.


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