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pattern // lovely envelope house embroidery design

 February Lovely Envelope House Embroidery Pattern

It's time for another free embroidery pattern in my Houses of Kawaii Crossing series! This month it's a lovely envelope cottage and someone sweet lives inside, sending cards and notes to all their friends.

Every time I design something around February that has hearts on it, I get caught up in Valentine's deadlines in my head. Did I choose to make this house look a little like it would work for Hearts Day? Yes I did. Am I posting this with enough time to stitch it before February 14? No I did not. 

But would I make things with hearts all over them other times of the year and no worry about this at all? Of course! So even though I'm sharing this in February, please don't think of it only as a Valentine's Day pattern. Because it's not. I mentioned earlier this month that in my head, the Kawaii Crossing resident who lives here is like a friend of mine who sends lovely correspondence all year 'round. 

So with all those Mollie mind games out of the way, how about an embroidery pattern?

Last month I stitched up my hot cocoa pattern as felt appliqué, and shared the pattern pieces with the folks who support me through Ko-Fi. Someone suggested that this would be a great way to do all the designs, and I agreed! (Even though I'm trying different techniques each month this year...) If you've ever done felt appliqué, you can probably figure out the pattern from the embroidery version, but if you'd like the pattern pieces all ready to go, I set up the pattern for Ko-Fit supporters again.

If you follow my on Instagram, you may have seen that I've been cross stitching this month's design, which means that (definitely after February 14) I'll have the cross stitch chart ready for you all soon too!


  1. Mollie I'm having trouble getting the pattern to load...maybe it's just me, but wanted to let you know. Thanks!

    1. Hmm...it's working on my end. Try copying this and pasting it in your browser:


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