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pattern // lovely envelope house cross stitch

Lovely Envelope House Cross Stitch

I cross stitched this month's lovely envelope house and it's making me oh so happy! If you'd like to join me in this cross stitching joy, the free pattern is here!

Last month I mentioned that I was a little sad that I decided not to cross stitch every one of these. Logically, I can't do everything, but I WANT TO. So it was especially nice to at least stitch this one. 

Lovely Envelope House Cross Stitch

I also love seeing how things actually work up in thread. What works on the screen doesn't always translate well to stitching, especially when it comes to colors. So this served as a way to fix some issues that I am still learning to spot when designing for cross stitch. 

Speaking of designing for cross stitch vs. embroidery, I still feel very strongly that the eyes need to be french knots. I know they are a challenge for some folks (here's my video tutorial), but it makes a difference in how this looks. Typical french knots are wrapped two times, but on the eyes for the mailbox I wrapped them just one time to make them smaller.

You'll also see that the mailbox face requires you to stitch at a point halfway between the Aida cloth holes. This is how we successfully squeeze a face into a tiny space! 

Lovely Envelope House Cross Stitch Chart

I left this without any ground under it, but you can stitch some grass or snow, or fit it into the streets from last year's Kawaii Crossing chart if you'd like!


  1. I am sorry but I can't download the chart, maybe the link is wrong...

    1. hmmm...It works when I click it here. Try this instead:


  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I stitched this and then hotglued it to construction paper to make a lovely Valentine. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!


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