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pattern // kawaii crossing costume shop embroidery design

2020 October Costumier Embroidery Pattern

Want to stitch a little costume shop? I hope so, because this month's free Kawaii Crossing Costumier embroidery pattern is here!

This one has a fair number of tiny details, so when you're working on the items in the window and the little bell on the door, you'll definitely want to use only one or two strands. Yes, that tiny! At least for the small version. 

I also couldn't resist including those little bats. Again, tiny stitches here, but that's part of the charm of this.

But of course, if you want to go big...like, embroider on a candy bag big, you'll get lots of of those details looking amazing. And I really think a bag or even a banner/flag would be a fun thing for this year or the future. 

Now I had better get to work on the cross stitch version. Oh, and a little idea I'm cooking up for the holidays that come after Halloween...


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