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calendar // october's kawaii crossing costumier wallpaper

Things may look a little different on Halloween this year, but October is still a month for spooky, spoopy things, candy, and costumes. Which is why the Kawaii Crossing costumier is open for business! The best part about shopping here is that when you take home your costume in one of their signature shop-shaped bags, you can use it for trick-or-treating!

Even though I'm an adult and I don't usually go to costume parties or even take kids trick-or-treating, I still love dressing up each year. Sometimes I plan ahead, while other times I put something together last minute. Last year I didn't wear my costume ON Halloween, but I was at a just-for-fun costume party and then I wore it again for a trip to Disney World. Can you guess who I was?

Disneybounding as a Cinderella Mouse

If you guessed one of the sewing mice from Cinderella, you're right! This is the Disneybounding version where you are pretty much wearing regular clothes that are inspired by a character. It was a lot of fun and one or two people even stopped and asked if I was one of the mice, which made me so happy!

Enough with costumes for now. How about some new calendar wallpapers?

Now, again, 2020 may not be the year for handing out lots of candy, but it might be the perfect year to stay home and work on a handmade candy basket.

EPP Halloween Candy Basket

I designed this five years ago, and still love it!


  1. Ok, totally stealing the mouse costume for next halloween! (as a mom who mends stuff every day and a sewer to boot, it's just too fitting to pass up!)

  2. What a great costume idea! Question...when i go on Spruce i can't access your older patterns. Even ones shown in roundups. Are they no longer available? They're my favorite part of Spruce!

    1. I'm so sorry! They regularly remove things for whatever reason. If there's something you're looking for that I made, let me know and I may be able to recover it for you.


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