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pattern // wash your hands

Wash Your Hands Pattern

Did you wash your hands? We say this so many times a day at my house that I made an embroidery pattern reminder and I'm sharing it with you! 

Washing your hands well is always a good idea, which is why I've wanted to make a pattern like this for ages. I kept putting it off because I thought it should be part of a set of other household reminders. But it never happened...until now.

On Instagram, I shared some illustrations with health and safety reminders: wear a mask, watch your distance, and wash your hands. They are all ways that we care for each other during a pandemic, but handwashing is sooooo good at keeping all kinds of illness down. (My mom used to care for a little boy who always had a runny nose...until he spent his days at our house and washing hands was priority...that runny nose cleared right up!)

Anyway, someone mentioned that they'd like an embroidery pattern of the design, and obviously I had wanted to do that. So now here it is as a free stitchable reminder for you!

Since this has text in it, I decided it was about time that I started including a reversed version in these patterns too, in case you want to use a transfer pen. So that's in there! No color recommendations so you can customize this to your decor.

But then someone else mentioned that a cross-stitch version would be amazing and who am I to argue with that? Health and safety can be stitched in lots of ways!
 Wash Your Hands Pattern

So here we are with the cross-stitch chart for this. It's a little under 50x60 squares, with lots of solid areas for fast and easy stitching. I needed to use colors in this one, so I set it up to match my original illustration.
As you can see, I haven't stitched either one yet, but the embroidered banner is happening soon. I'm going to do mine all in a dark medium gray, so similar to what's on the mocked-up sample. That way it works near whichever sink my mom wants to hang it near!

Stitch one of these up for your bathroom, your kitchen, or all of the above! It would even be a fun gift to give a friend, along with some fancy soap. (I've recently become addicted to the Castelbel Vanilla Blackberry soap someone gave me!)

Do you have a favorite soap or hand sanitizer?


  1. So sweet, thank you for the patterns! We use Castille soap, very gentle :)


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