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pattern // kawaii crossing yarn shop cross stitch

Kawaii Crossing Yarn Shop Cross Stitch

Who's ready to visit their local yarn shop? Even better, who's ready to cross stitch the cutest LYS ever? It's time to pull out your growing Kawaii Crossing streets and add this new pattern to the third row. 

This one was a lot of fun to make and stitch, and I especially love the stack of colorful yarn in the front window. 

Kawaii Crossing Yarn Shop Cross Stitch

And here's where I am with mine. I didn't quite catch up on last month's pattern yet, so the town's stationer isn't there yet. Well, I've added some stitches there since I took this photo, but it's nowhere near done. Maybe by the next time you see this!

Kawaii Crossing Yarn Shop Cross Stitch

Kawaii Crossing Yarn Shop Cross Stitch

I just had to do a side-view close up on this one, and show off my needle minder in the process. This enamel hexagon from Cloud Craft has been my go-to for the whole Kawaii Crossing cross stitch project. 

As always, you can download the complete pattern so far, or just the yarn shop for easier printing.  

How is your town coming along? I hope it's looking lovely! Oh, and I'm excited that I may eventually (but like, soon eventually) have some companion house patterns. They won't go in this same design, but they could hang nearby!

One last thing...

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