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pattern // kawaii crossing stationery shop embroidery design

Kawaii Crosing Stationer Embroidery Pattern

Who's ready to embroider a cute little stationer for the Kawaii Crossing street? (If you think that's a typo like my spell check does, I promise that "stationer" is a word and it's a fancy way to say stationery shop!). Since this shop looks like a composition book, I kind of imagine that the wallpaper in this happy little store has light blue lines like the paper inside a notebook.

Also, because all these patterns I've been drawing are straight-on views, I often think of them as only that. But today I definitely pictured this one as a long, thin shop like many you find in downtown locations. I can imagine myself walking along and testing the pens and trying to limit myself to only a few rolls of tape. What would you want to buy from the stationer?

If you're never too sure what to use individual embroidery patterns for, this one would be PERFECT on a notebook cover. Back in my archives, you'll find an easy felt cover with an embroidered pocket. You can make one this week!


  1. Thank you for your adorable seies. What happened to all your embroidery designs and articles on the Spruce. Will you be making them available elswhere? I wanted to download some but they are gone.

    1. The Spruce has removed some posts, but if there are any patterns you're looking for, you can send me an email and I can send you the originals (I just can't post them online).


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