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pattern // kawaii crossing stationery shop cross stitch

Who's ready to cross stitch a stationery shop? If you've been following along with the Kawaii Crossing Wild Olive Stitching Club, you probably notice that this month's post looks a little different. And you may have also guessed that, well, I haven't stitched this little composition book-shaped store! 

I've been keeping up with the stitching this year SO WELL, even with cross stitch, which I'm notoriously slow at. But I'm giving up on this month because we have a lot of life happening over here. Not giving up, actually. Giving myself margin. And I know you wonderful folks will understand!

If you're new to this set of charts, you can see my stitched Kawaii Crossing town in the cross stitch patterns tag, where you'll also find all the previous individual charts that are good for printing. Of course, the entire town as it currently stands is also below. 

After we stitch this, there's just one more row of shops to go! And I'm already very excited about next month. It's going to be green and crafty, and that's all I'll say. 


  1. Green and crafty??? Can't wait! Thanks for another great pattern!

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  3. Thank you. It always feels like such a long time until the next shop is released


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