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pattern // kawaii crossing chocolatier embroidery pattern

Chocolatier Embroidery Pattern

Even on leap year, February seems to speed by and before you know it you've nearly run out of month in which to release the newest Kawaii Crossing embroidery pattern. But it's here at last and you can now stitch your very own heart-shaped chocolatier.

We won't talk about Valentine's Day being over because you can always give a heart box of chocolates to someone special.

The pattern PDF includes two sizes. One is small for the EPP mini quilt I planned out (see my previous post for that) and one is large for making a Kawaii Crossing garland. Have I made a tutorial for that yet? NO! I may be running behind in more than one way these days.

I'll keep this post short and chocolatey sweet so I can get to work on things for next month. Because I have a fun design to get drawing!


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