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calendar // march's kawaii crossing pizzeria wallpaper

Are you ready for a new month, new wallpapers, and a new shop in the happy little town of Kawaii Crossing? For March, we're visiting the pizzeria. And as expected this restaurant is shaped like what it sells: pizza!

At first, you may think that a shop that looks like a slice of pizza might be far-fetched. But in an A-frame building, this could be a reality. While I have no plans to open a pizzeria of my own, if I did, I would make it look just like the one in Kawaii Crossing. Complete with the face. If you consider this for your own future business endeavor, I might be persuaded to let you use my idea. For the love of kawaii pizza, of course!

But before we start shopping for pizza ovens, how about some wallpapers to help inspire?

And soon I hope to bring you even more pizza fun. (If I get all my other deadlines done, there may even be a few extras this month...wish me luck!) Because can you think of a more perfect food than super cute pizza?


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