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pattern // kawaii crossing pizzeria cross stitch

Kawaii Crossing Cross Stitch Along Pizzeria

On a list of things that I'm grateful for, I recently included cross stitches because stitching this pizzeria pattern really just made me happy! And I hope that the Kawaii Crossing pizza-shaped restaurant makes you happy too!

I'm also excited to show off that I'm officially all caught up from my stitching last month. Woohoo! And just in time because I've been seeing pictures popping up on Instagram showing off progress and fun modifications like stitching on dark fabric to make it a nighttime scene, or changing out the flowers for benches. You all are amazing!

And now you can add to your little town as I have.

By the way, my dad would be very happy with the layout of this happy village. You see, every time he eats pizza, he always goes looking for chocolate as a treat afterward. If he visits the pizzeria, he can stop by the chocolatier next door!

Kawaii Crossing Cross Stitch Along Pizzeria

I can't wait to see your stitches! Be sure to tag me (@molliejohanson) on Instagram and/or use the tag #kawaiicrossing or #wildolivestitchingclub so all can see.

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  1. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Thanks, Mollie! Can't wait to stitch this one!


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