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February's Kawaii Crossing (unfinished) Cross Stitch

It's nearly mid-February, and that means you probably should have thought about a gift for your sweetheart by now. Even if you're your own sweetheart. It also means that I probably should release a new pattern which you could, if you hurry, stitch for your sweetheart (or at least gift yourself some stitching time).

So today I present to you the cross stitch pattern for the Kawaii Crossing Chocolatier! My stitching time has been limited, which you may have surmised from the photo above. Perhaps I need to have a stitching night on the 14th?

I really love the idea of going to a chocolate shop that looks like a box of chocolates, don't you? Also, true story: I considered putting a chocolate fountain in the window of the shop, but I skipped it because I think they're gross. Maybe I watch Augustus Gloop gulping down and falling into chocolate in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory too many times.

Anyway, right next to the sewing shop is the chocolatier, and you can add it to your growing design or stitch it on its own. I'll make you actually click on the PDFs to see what I haven't yet stitched.


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  2. Can't wait to stitch this up! Thank you for such a cute pattern!


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