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pattern // may's jar of blueberry jelly

2019 May Jam of the Month Embroidery Pattern

Fill your shelves with the cutest jars of blueberry jelly with this free kawaii embroidery pattern!

It's May and we're stitching a jar of jolly jelly. I'm really quite smitten with this design...especially the colors. I've been a little behind on my own stitching, so it was fun to finally sit down and just stitch. The funny thing is that it only took about two hours. Why do I put these off?

For those who are new, this is the latest Jam of the Month Club pattern. If you haven't seen the rest of the patterns yet, be sure to check out the EPP shelf mini quilt that holds all the jar patterns, plus January, February, March, and April.

Have you been stitching along so far? I'd love to see your progress! Tag me on Instagram (@molliejohanson), use the #wildolivestitchingclub hashtag, or send me an email (molliejohanson at gmail dot com).

Need help learning the basics of embroidery? I can help with that!

Okay, now go and stitch a little jar with some super sweet blueberries. I promise they'll make your day berry happy!

1 comment:

  1. K Hedden9:14 AM

    This looks like a lot of fun. This will be my first embroidery project. I have read your basics, which was extremely helpful but I have two questions. When I cut the pattern do I add a 1/4 to the fabric when I cut it? Also, when I look at the pattern, do I just choose which ever stitch I think will look best? Thanks and I'll post some pictures once I get started.


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!