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pattern // pumpkin piles embroidery design

Pumpkin Piles Embroidery Pattern

Did you know that in May, we're halfway to Halloween? That makes this a great time to pick up a not-so-spooky stitching project like this pumpkin piles embroidery pattern! The stacks of gourds are ready to decorate a pillow in a super cute way, which is exactly how I like my pumpkins to look.

This design could even work for all of the fall season, which is perfect if you start now and stitch through the summer. Best of all, the pattern is 100% free!

Pumpkin Piles Embroidery Pattern

On the mocked-up pillow cover, I showed stitching the pattern all in black, and I actually think that would be adorable. Very Halloween. But of course, you can make the pumpkins orange with other color accents, or go a little more kawaii with the colors you see here.

I honestly love seeing pastel pumpkins, especially with some pink in there. So for the color version, I chose some suggested shades like that. Again, you can use any colors you want.

Pumpkin Piles Embroidery Colors

If you want to go with the colors in the example above, I'd use the following DMC colors: 310, 840, 743, 3825, 3340, and 3716.

These would also make a great color combo for other kawaii Halloween stitching projects!

Pumpkin Piles Embroidery Pattern

There aren't any specific stitch instructions/recommendations in the pattern (though you should spot running stitch right away), but that just means you can have some fun with it. And if you're newer to embroidery, you might want to check out my new beginner's course, Super Cute Intro to Embroidery. You'll find some tips for making the faces extra cute too!

Many thanks to Missouri Star Quilt Co. (affiliate link) for sending me the stitchable pillow cover!

Spoopy Time Embroidery Pattern

If you're looking for even more things to make for Halfway to Halloween, be sure to check my Etsy shop or take a look in the Wild Olive blog archives!


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