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Mickey Ice Cream Bar Felt Ornament

What could be better on a warm day in the happiest or most magical place on earth than a Mickey ice cream bar? How about one that doesn't melt? Make a felt ornament version of this classic Disney snack and you can enjoy it forever.

I'm a big fan of the Disney parks so this year I've been making kawaii Wild Olive-style Disney snacks out of felt and embroidery. The patterns are all free and you can find all of them here.

My mom would like me to make enough of these to fill a small Christmas tree, and honestly, I'm on my way to that! If you like that idea too, join me in making Disney snacks felt ornaments.

But now, let's stop in at Disneyland... Mickey Ice Cream Bar Felt Ornament

Since I'm not a big ice cream eater, I didn't get an actual Mickey ice cream bar to take a picture along with my ornament, but I almost think this is better. Because I love how at the ice cream carts they have plastic versions of all the treats. Seriously, how fun would it be to have one of these?

Anyway, I opted to use a prop ice cream as, well, my photo prop. Very original.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar Felt Ornament

Let's move on and talk about making this ornament. All the ornaments in this series go together the same way. They are very much like my other felt applique ornaments, but a bit simpler. You can watch my YouTube video showing one of my Halloween ornaments from start to finish.

The Mickey "premium" ice cream bar is just two pieces. The chocolate part and the stick. Easy!

I used wool blend felt from Benzie Design (affiliate link). I cut the circles with my Circles and Scallops die, also from them, but you can use the circle templates in the PDF with plain or decorative scissors if you'd like. Scallops are my favorite, but pinking shears work great too!

Freezer paper is helpful to cut the small shapes. Before removing the freezer paper, I stitched the face with three strands of black embroidery floss. It's just two French knots and a scallop stitch.

Next, I layered and stitched the pieces onto the front circle with a tiny whip stitch and two strands of embroidery floss.

To assemble the ornament I used running stitch around the edges, then I filled in with a second round of running stitch. This is technically holbein stitch and it looks the same on the front and back. By the way, most of the time I add a tiny bit of stuffing inside my felt ornaements, but for these Disney Snack ones, I've kept them flat. I kinda like them both ways!

Then I just used embroidery floss to make a little hanger.

This one is pretty quick to stitch, so you might be able to make it faster than it takes for a Mickey bar to melt. Okay, maybe not at Walt Disney World in summer.

Speaking of summer, I have a new set of felt ornaments available in my Etsy shop!

It Felt Like Summer Felt Ornaments

It Felt Like Summer includes nine designs with tropical themes and all the things that make you think of summer vacations. Hang them on an all-seasons tree, use them as air fresheners, make them into a little garland, or just add them around your home to make you smile!


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