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pattern // sam the sloth embroidery

Sam the Sloth Embroidery Pattern

I always love when crafts cross, so this embroidery pattern that features knitting is definitely my style! It also helps that there's a sloth and I am delighted by sloths.

For this month's free pattern, it has Sam the sloth, a ball of yarn, and some knitting needles. Now, If you'd prefer to make Sam a crocheter, you could probably figure out how to swap out those needles for a simple crochet hook. Right? Right.

Sam the sloth is one of Kawaii Crossing's most recognized knitters, but I'm noticing something. Since the beginning of September, every time I see Sam there is just a ball of yarn nearby. Nothing on the needles yet! I'm starting to wonder if that's really how sloth Sam is at getting project going, or if part of the fun is just buying the yarn and making it into a pretty, hand-wound ball that's ready for knitting (or crochet!).

No matter. As they say, buying supplies and using them are two separate hobbies.

If you have bought some embroidery supplies AND want to use them, how about stitching Sam?

Have you stitched any or all of the Kawaii Crossing residents? Tag me (@molliejohanson) or add the #KawaiiCrossing hashtag if you share photos on Instagram!

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