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pattern // pam the panda embroidery

Pam the Panda Embroidery Pattern

If you've ever wanted to embroider a panda that is also an artist, your time has come. Because that's exactly what this month's free embroidery pattern is all about!

Pam the Panda is Kawaii Crossing's resident artist and that means she uses all the colors. And I'm going to warn you, since she uses all the colors, this pattern uses a lot more colors than these little designs typically do. It's just small amounts, so you could swap in something else if it would simplify things, but you GOTTA have that rainbow of paint blobs!

Speaking of paint blobs, they are shown on the pattern as an outline, but for real impact here, I'd recommend stitching them with satin stitch. Maybe even do the same for Pam's nose.

As I sit here typing this, realizing that it's now the seventh pattern of the year, I'm thinking about how few of these I've stitched. But I'm not going to go dig out my hoop and check. Instead I'm going to dream of embroidering these little friends starting next month. Or in September. Maybe by the end of the year?

I'm half serious and half joking, and it's really all to say that it's okay to have these sorts of projects that you let sit for awhile. It's okay to aspirationally craft from time to time. Craft in a way that gives you joy!


  1. I'm taking a break from embroidery, but this is too cute not to make! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So sweet! Thank you!


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