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pattern // shiny apple caravan embroidery design

2021 September Shiny Apple Caravan Embroidery

Apples roll pretty easily...especially when they have wheels like this Shiny Apple Caravan! This month's free embroidery pattern is the perfect addition to your Kawaii Crossing town. And even though this particular resident doesn't seem to want to put down roots, you can at least stitch them in place.

I'm not sure that I've ever mentioned something here, but it's definitely come up in discussions on The Very Serious Crafts Podcast. And that is, I don't go camping. Like, never ever. Not even in a camper. That said, if you presented me with an apple caravan that had electricity and some kind of running water hooked up, I might just live there. This is what it would take for me to do anything remotely close to camping.

Stitching this Shiny Apple Caravan will be a more more pleasant experience though, I think.

This one is pretty simple, with just a few small details. If you are doing any fill stitching, you may want to consider making the awning striped with teal and white like the original illustration. If you are only outlining, go for all teal. Also, the shine spots are two sizes and you can acheive that with two sizes of french knots. The traditional way to do this is by working with more or fewer strands of thread, but the easier way is to wrap one three times and the other just one time.

If you like how these embroidery designs look all filled in, but you don't want to do all that fill stitching, you should try felt applique! You can cut out the sections of the pattern from felt, but I also create a set of patterns that are already separated so you can start stitching and I share that over on Ko-Fi. When you buy me a Ko-Fi coffee, you get 30 days of access to things I share there (and I happen to have a few fun things coming in the next couple weeks!). You can even follow or support monthly so you don't miss a thing. I appreciate every bit!


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