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pattern // shiny apple caravan cross stitch design

Shiny Apple Caravan Cross Stitch

Who's ready to stitch this month's free cross stitch pattern? The cross stitch version of Kawaii Crossing has a new resident rolling in and they might just stay awhile.

Now, as I write this, I have a half-stitched project to my right and a page of patterns waiting to be stitched on my left. I also have a giant project to work on, a pattern to trace for my shop, and a goal of making something cute with plastic canvas. But naturally, I want to stitch this little apple. Like, so much that it hurts.

Must. Resist. New. Stitching.

Thankfully, YOU don't need to resist. You can just pick up your needle and get started. And I can't wait to see what you make. As usual, the embroidery pattern will be coming soon.

Now, if this were Richard Scarry's Busy Town, there would be a worm living in this house on wheels, but actually, lots of animals eat apples. What kind of animal do you think lives here?


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